The Best Class to Choose in Diablo 3 Is…

Unigamesity writes: "With Diablo 3 closer than ever to its release date, fans start to ask about the best class to choose in the game or, even better, the best skills per class combination to choose in Diablo 3. Of course, there is really not one “better than all” class to choose and your choice should be made based on the style of play that you have so we’re here to discuss what to do and what to choose in the game."

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chak_1968d ago

I'll go barbarian. Sorcerer was fun in the beta though

TopDudeMan1968d ago

I think the monk is pretty fun. He drops giant bells on his enemies.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1968d ago

I'll probably go Witch Doctor. I love my necromancy.

rawrockkillz1968d ago

A friend of mine said that all the classes are actually a lot of fun.

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