Keiji Inafune Thinks Idea Factory is Doing Video Games Right

Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man, and a staunch critic of Modern Japanese games, speaks up, telling us one video game company in particular that he feels is doing thinks right.

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ritsuka6661583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I agree Keiji-san. I love Generation of Chaos. Yeah it has a steep learning curve, but once you get over it and learn what everything does, it becomes one of the most addicting games.

Kalowest1581d ago

Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Gust Corporation, and NIS have been making some of the best japanese games this generation.

Stinky_Fish1582d ago

1) This proves hes anti globalization

2) This proves hes out of his mind

wonderwall971582d ago

But don't you think the games of Idea Factory are generally niche games targeted to the Japanese market?

Stinky_Fish1581d ago

1) Niche games are cool

2) There games are loved worldwide

Da One1581d ago

Idea Factory.....really, he's ****ing bonkers

Surfaced1581d ago


Well Keiji might agree with Westerners about the Japanese industry but clearly not for the same reasons.

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