Top 10 3DS Games: A Year After Launch | Game Crunch

This Tuesday marked the year anniversary of the 3DS launch. We’re going to look back at 10 retail games that you should definitely check out after the console has been on shelves for an entire year of life.

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-MD-2272d ago

I'll probably get one in a couple years, after another price drop and a revision or two. Mostly for Revelations.

StraightPath2271d ago

thats some quality games right there, vita needs games badly.

godzilla722271d ago

How bout Nano Assault, Ace Combat and Williams Pinball?

-Gespenst-2271d ago

I'm just waiting for Zero Escape - Virtue's Last Reward. Has anyone played 999? Definitely one of the best DS games ever.

cpayne932271d ago

I'm waiting on luigi's mansion 2 and paper mario, I'm gonna also want mario 3d, mario kart, Revelations, and zelda when I get my 3ds.

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