Sony Understands American Advertising: New Game Trailers


"Sony's advertising has always been prone for the weird and the wonderful. Cornering the European market with their "This Is Living" advertisements has left many bemused. These following ads for Heavenly Sword and Ratchet restore faith in Sony's comprehension of their market."

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Darkiewonder3461d ago

I remember when they used to do the real life Ratchet Commercials. was good.

anyways Heavenly Sword one is funny lol

mintaro3461d ago

lol the real life racthet commercials were awesome, chicken ray anyone?

Rice3461d ago

i really like sony commercials, there weird but amusing.

techie3461d ago

And very high quality...but they need a diff tact with America...they also need to put the ads out a lot more...they pay so much to make the games, but skimp on paying for tv channels to advertise. Nintendo dont stop advertising.

Nostradavis3461d ago

again, sony has some of the best commercials around.

tomfoolery3461d ago

You Sonydips love stroking eachother off in these forums huh?
Useless bunch of people LOL.

Keep sucking those farts out of Sonys butthole.
Have a good day 3rd placers HO HO HO.

The Brave 13461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

hey tomfool ,i guess u heard about Warner Bros.Dont hate.Everything is just falling into place.Now go eat Bill Gates kock before he leaves microsoft,u got about a week left! Idiot!

mattkelly19913461d ago

"This is why I can't have nice things"

thats halarious.

Nostradavis3461d ago

These are proof that you don't need a ton of money or wild special effects to produce good commercials.

gunnerforlife3461d ago

they really need to improve there This is living commercials lool they eurpoean ones r just pure rubish, but the oens that i have so far seen r a bit betta.

techie3461d ago

I prefer the Euro ones way more than these ones...and agree with the author when he says :

"However, the American market doesn’t take as kindly to this direction, preferring the more in your face “buy this product because it’s cool” type of advertisement."

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The story is too old to be commented.