Cousins: F2P Will Lead to Games With Billion Dollar Lifetime Development Budgets

Ben Cousins, General Manager at ngmoco Sweden, believes that F2P will herald a new era of billion dollar games. - PSLS

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Sev2247d ago

Said in best Dr. evil voice while stroking a hairless cat... one billion dollars!

knifefight2247d ago

And they will be called "AAAA" and get 13/10 reviews!

Foolsjoker2247d ago

Sweet, now we can afford to make Shenmue 3!

StayStatic2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Lot of f2p FPS this year on PC , seems a good way forward so long as it does not become pay 2 win.

Tribes Ascend is a good example of the F2P model , pay for faster progression rather than buying exclusive items

Going to be an interesting year :D

DFresh2247d ago

I don't mind that happening to multiplayer but for single player I don't think that payment method would work.