Top 10 Worst Voice Acting

A video of the 10 console game with worst voice acting.

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GCO Gamer3548d ago

These games sound litte they where made in someone house

MK_Red3547d ago

lol, True. Probably most of voices are done by game designers and programmers themselves or their family members in some kind of basement.

jkoz3547d ago

Sounds like whoever made the video recorded the audio through their microphone... couldn't use a 'Line In'?

Neurotoxin3547d ago

LOL, i`m really glad Resident Evil is on there........ "hmmmm Blood.... i hope its not chris`s blood.....

Barry Burton for US President.

Shankle3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

*chuckles* Resident Evil was brilliant!

Ooowch! It's not just a poisonous snake.... It's a MONSTER!

wangdiddy823547d ago

especially the first one...

heyheyhey3547d ago

wtf they missed out red wing- who can forget the classic "all your base am belong to us" accompanied by random japanese voice acting

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The story is too old to be commented.