First look at the $850 Gears of War 3: Locust Hammerburst II Full Scale Replica

The first images have been revealed for the $850 Locust Hammerburst II Full Scale Replica, which is based on the in-game weapon from Gears of War 3 on Xbox 360.

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Raider691998d ago

More expensive than a real gun,i guess it shoots gold bullets for that price.(; Give the money to the poor people instead!

Dlacy13g1998d ago

It only shoots gold bullets if you pre-order it, otherwise you get silver bullets and a weapon skin.

LackTrue4K1998d ago

if you get the season pass!

pucpop1998d ago

prefer the gun from aliens

Fylus1998d ago

Not a fan of Gears, but that's pretty damn awesome.

Perjoss1998d ago

I think they did a great job, very nicely detailed!