EA Reckons ‘Minecraft’ Needs Publisher Support, Notch Thinks Otherwise

Rich Hilleman of EA says that Minecraft could do with some help that only a publisher can give – the game’s creator, “Notch”, is happy to stay indie.

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Convas2088d ago

Ahh hell no EA, keep your filthy corporate fingers well away from Minecraft.

Snookies122088d ago

Yeah, by "help a publisher can give", they really mean... "We want some of that money you're getting".

dedicatedtogamers2086d ago

If EA got a hold of Minecraft...

"Today, we're offering ten new block types, including granite, jello, and pine wood for only $4.99"

"Want more wildlife in your Minecraft world? Download the Animal Pack! Includes bears, snakes, pandas (which is just a re-skinned bear), and puppy dogs! Only $7.99"

"Creepers gettin' you down? Download the Creeper Killer DLC pack for $6.99, Includes four new craftable weapons and a tiny patch that makes Wolves aggressive toward creepers."

"Want to be a girl in Minecraft? $2.99, please"

Tr10wn2086d ago

hahahaha thats so true.

BrutallyBlunt2086d ago

Not every game needs a big publisher to get recognition. Minecraft is already more well known than any current EA franchise out there. What Notch should do is hire his own people if he feels he needs the help but still have full control.

I really like these Kickstarter programs too, I'm sure big publishers like EA are taking notice. We need more independence where game developers are not threatened or feel pressurized in creating big hits. This is why I am supporting the indies and the PC much more than the corporate baggage that goes along with console gaming.

As we move forward the need for box-like systems with big corporation logo's on it will no longer be as demanding. The investment and costs will no longer keep it sustainable.

Saladfax2085d ago

That's really how it is with the big publishers in every field of media. They fire off all of this nonsense about nurturing talent and how their role is vital to the success of anything...

Yeah, in video games and film, a lot of times you need a heavy bankroll, and in literature it doesn't hurt to have decent artists and editorial, but...

They take a pretty fat chunk of profit, the product gets their fingerprints in it for increased "saleability," and in many cases the desire for profit far outstrips the desire for a solid product and customer satisfaction.

ATi_Elite2086d ago

EA has ruined all my favorite games!

Minecraft does not need to be ruined. It sold 5 million copies without EA's filthy involvement so Notch is OK without you!

Run away Notch run to the light run away from Activision and EA!

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Harelgur2088d ago

EA says that cause they need money.

AusRogo2086d ago

They dont need it. They want it

NYC_Gamer2088d ago

Notch should keep far away from EA

dericb112086d ago

And run away from Activision

Moncole2088d ago

EA ruins every company they buy.

Tr10wn2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

living proof Bioware.

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The story is too old to be commented.