Germany Weekly Chart Week Ending 24th Mar 2012


PS3 - 7,015 (-8%)
3DS - 6,051 (-5%)
PSV - 5,469 (-19%)
X360 - 4,492 (-7%)
Wii - 2,863 (-3%)
DS - 1,347 (-10%)
PSP - 458 (-12%)

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Dante1122028d ago

Nice to see the 3DS, Ps3, and Vita doing well and in the top three this week.

CaptainofCrush2028d ago

How is consistently dropping 20% on a weekly basis doing well?

Dante1122028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

But none of those handhelds or consoles have been consistently dropping 20% on a weekly basis in Germany. It's been up and down these few past weeks, but even though somehow still manages to outpace the 360 each week.

Edit: Seems that I angered some loyalists here by my "top three this week" comment lol. Pretty funny if you check for comments similar to mine for another console in the UK charts.

2028d ago
ElementX2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

In a country of almost 82 milllion people, selling 7k consoles is good?

FatGayandbald2028d ago

Not everything is as it seems tho, most of that population is old they have massive problem with not enough youth and are actually forcast to drop to 70million over a few decades.

Besides its impossible to get sales numbers for european countries, literally vg chartz make these up unless they got a guy at every retail head office stealing data.

ElementX2028d ago

Yeah, most of the world doesn't have official numbers and I suppose the population is aging.