Reports: Warner Bros. will back only Blu-ray

New York/Los Angeles, 2008-01-04 - Reuters via USA Today:

Time Warner's Warner Bros. studio plans to announce it will release next-generation DVDs on Sony Corp's Blu-ray format exclusively, two sources familiar with the plans said Friday, dealing a big blow to Toshiba's HD DVD format.

Warner Bros., Hollywood's biggest seller of DVDs representing about 18 to 20% of sales in the United States, had been one of the few studios that backed both formats.

News Corp's 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, and Lions Gate Entertainment are among studios backing the Blu-ray format. Viacom's Paramount studios and General Electric's NBC Universal, owned by General Electric Co and France's Vivendi, release movies in HD DVD format.

An announcement is expected shortly, the sources said.

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resistance1003628d ago

Well this really could be a major factor, Warner blu-ray exclusive that just leaves Universal and Paramount (18months) left on the HD camp, i feel sorry for those who brought HD DVD players, and gald i held off getting the HD DVD add on for my 360

CeruleanSky3628d ago

Here is the official press release:


Decision Made in Response to Strong Consumer Preference for Format

(January 4, 2008 - Burbank, CA) - In response to consumer demand, Warner Bros.
Entertainment will release its high-definition DVD titles exclusively in the
Blu-ray disc format beginning later this year, it was announced today by Barry
Meyer, Chairman & CEO, Warner Bros. and Kevin Tsujihara, President, Warner
Bros. Home Entertainment Group.

"Warner Bros.' move to exclusively release in the Blu-ray disc format is a
strategic decision focused on the long term and the most direct way to give
consumers what they want," said Meyer. "The window of opportunity for high-
definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger. We
believe that exclusively distributing in Blu-ray will further the potential for
mass market success and ultimately benefit retailers, producers, and most
importantly, consumers."

Warner Home Video will continue to release its titles in standard DVD format
and Blu-ray. After a short window following their standard DVD and Blu-ray
releases, all new titles will continue to be released in HD DVD until the end
of May 2008.

"Warner Bros. has produced in both high-definition formats in an effort to
provide consumer choice, foster mainstream adoption and drive down hardware
prices," said Jeff Bewkes, President and Chief Executive Officer, Time Warner
Inc., the parent company of Warner Bros. Entertainment. "Today's decision by
Warner Bros. to distribute in a single format comes at the right time and is
the best decision both for consumers and Time Warner."

"A two-format landscape has led to consumer confusion and indifference toward
high definition, which has kept the technology from reaching mass adoption and
becoming the important revenue stream that it can be for the industry," said
Tsujihara. "Consumers have clearly chosen Blu-ray, and we believe that
recognizing this preference is the right step in making this great home
entertainment experience accessible to the widest possible audience. Warner
Bros. has worked very closely with the Toshiba Corporation in promoting high
definition media and we have enormous respect for their effort

CeruleanSky3628d ago

"Warner Home Video will continue to release its titles in standard DVD format
and Blu-ray. After a short window following their standard DVD and Blu-ray
releases, all new titles will continue to be released in HD DVD until the end
of May 2008."

So Warner will continue selling HD-DVD for the next three months and then drop the format.

marinelife93628d ago

LOL xbots still can't wait to get that 360 Ultimate with the built in HD-DVD drive and the Kung Fu Grip.

marinelife93628d ago

I'd like to hear what Michael Bay has to say. I'm sure he's laughing his @$$ off somewhere.

marinelife93628d ago

Here is the link right from Time Warner's mouth.

darkside3628d ago

DAMN I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE Ultimate: 360 COME OUT lol!!! Useless HDDVD $hit!!lol

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tethered3628d ago

Nice find.
Reuters news is a very reputable news agency.

hella whip3628d ago

Yeah Reuters are one of the biggest news agencies there is.

Real gamer 4 life3628d ago

And thats all folks, the end of hd-dvd is here. Rip hd-dvd on 1/4/08. And now it couldnt have came in a better time now that microsoft is reasdy to waist money on releasing a xbox 360 with hd-dvd. now only is this a blow to toshiba but also a blow to microsoft.

resistance1003628d ago

'And thats all folks'

lol Bubbles for you

Cyrus3653628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Just when you thought there might be some sort of stalemate, Warner Bros. Goes Blu.

Anyone know the upcoming "Big titles" released by warner in 2008 in the theatres, that will be coming out later obviously on Blu-Ray/DVD?

I don't mean in theateres now, I mean coming in the summer, like Iron Man, or Indiana Jones (I know that's lucas Arts and Fox I believe), what other big upcoming movies in the summer 08 are Warner Bros?

Edit- Wow forgot about Dark Knight, and future Harry Potters! :O Those shall be big.

Tru_Blu3628d ago

I am legend

Only one I can think of off the top of my head

vloeistof3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

the dark knight !!!!!!!!! o and harry potter 6

vloeistof3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

dubble post

MK_Red3628d ago

vloeistof, Agreed on first film.
I'm a Sony / Blu fan but even if I was a HD-DVD fan, this announcement alone would have made me change sides since I HAVE to go with the site that has Smile on it's faces and is So Serious :)
The Dark Knight will own 2008.

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Hatchetforce3628d ago

Grab those ankles ladies....