Def Jam Rapstar developers sued over disputed song rights


The developers responsible for 2010 music title Def Jam Rapstar are being sued by record label EMI for allegedly failing to clear the rights to tracks featured in the game.

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hahahaha that's rich you would think all that stuff would be taken care of um I don't know before it launched lol

KrimsonKody2424d ago

Contracts with music companies can be very detailed & difficult. Depending on the songs used, the music label may have rights to the song, but don't issue royalties to that artist anymore. & to deepen the situation, that artist can then request $, for the usage of the song. Not to mention the multiple artists that may be involved. Things like that would cost the music label $.

"& they don't want that,-Nooooo!"

But it could just be a case of "no, you can't use that song".
Damn! 54 tracks? I thought maybe a handful or so.
That's heist.