Insomniac Games Reveals Footage Of A Cancelled Project

The creators of Resistance were working on more than just Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction in 2007. Today Insomniac Games revealed that it was once developing a new IP that was intended to offer a Gran Turismo level of progression.

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Convas2213d ago

What ever happened to Overstrike? I haven't heard anything about it since E3 2011.

Disccordia2213d ago

It looked pretty terrible

specialguest2213d ago

I never found pinball games suitable for consoles due to the nature of how pinball games are played. I think a tablet would be more suitable for pinball gaming. You get the close up top-down view and button placements are almost similar to a real pinball machine.

Grap2213d ago

thank god it was cancelled

josephayal2212d ago

Damn looks awesome, very sad