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Trials Evolution [Preview] - The quest for gold (IncGamers)

IncGamers: RedLynx up the ante with multiplayer and advanced track editors. (Trials Evolution, Xbox 360)

limewax  +   1117d ago
I just want a release date. This was announced ages ago and being an arcade game it can't take that long to make. Even when it was announced last summer they had a decent amount of footage to show off so the base work must have been pretty far along already
matt1991  +   1117d ago
April 18th. 1200 MS Points.
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limewax  +   1117d ago
Really? Thanks man, That's pretty close too. Can't wait now
matt1991  +   1117d ago
I tried to post a link but it said it looked like spam.

But you can check out MajorNelson.com for more info.

There are also other arcade games w/ the release date and price.

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