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Submitted by skawtch 1408d ago | opinion piece

Geforce GTX680 lays the smack down on AMD

Nvidia’s new high end graphics card kicks AMD’s offering in the teeth (AMD, NVIDIA, Tech)

SnakeCQC  +   1410d ago
most unbiased trusted reviewers stated that amds most powerful and nvidias most powerful were on par. Amd won some benchmarks and nvidia won some but both cards have their pros and cons and im still desiding which one to buy. Amd has 1gb more vram so it should perform better across a few monitors and at higher resolutions but nvidia has 3d vision. I wish i could try out 3d vision somewhere before actually making the damn decision and eyefinity is nice but i'd prefer to have one larger monitor.
Kakkoii  +   1408d ago
4GB models are coming out soon as well though.

And even the most unbiased ones, Nvidia is winning in the majority of the bench's. And this is still with early drivers. AMD has had time to release a few driver iterations that improved performance on a lot of games. Nvidia will be doing the same, as both always do. And in some instances, the 680 is drastically more powerful.. so.. We shall see.
SnakeCQC  +   1408d ago
yh i know about the 4gb cards but they are going to cost a kings ransom in the uk :(
TABSF  +   1408d ago
Yeah Kakkoii is right

Nvidia wining the majority of Benchmarks
Nvidia has infant drivers

Only reason why GTX 680 costs this much is because its better than HD 7970

Also it uses less power, its runs cooler (references versions) and its quieter.

Best part it overclocks to hit target FPS which is godly
2GHz GTX 680 are in the pipelines by the sounds of it. Plus I've seen 1.3GHz on reference models.
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hiredhelp  +   1410d ago
Your 100% correct there very little differnce and what the odd % is comming from nvidia topping the amd 7970 Is basicly because of the self overclock funtion the 680 has over the 7970.
Now if amd had this feature maybe we get slightly differnt results.
NYC_Gamer  +   1408d ago
The 680 isn't even the high end card and its doing justice against the 7970. I'll never buy another AMD card because of the lack of driver support for many of the new games released.
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TABSF  +   1408d ago
Well sources was originally naming the now GTX 680 a GTX 660Ti

All you have to do is look at history

GF100 = GTX 480 - GF110 = GTX 580
GF104 = GTX 460 - GF114 = GTX 560 Ti

You get the idea, so you would expect

GK100 = GTX 680
GK104 = GTX 660 Ti

Around February it was rumoured that GK104 will be branded GTX 670 Ti with leaked shots

I believe Nvidia was surprised with the initial tests with a real Kepler and then thought why release GK100 when we can make huge profit margins with GK104

What this tells me is when GK100 does come out its probably going to be GTX 685 or GTX 780
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KING85  +   1408d ago
Very little difference, however when you do look at the benchmarks in the more high profile games Nvidia does appear to have the advantage. As stated NYC_Gamer; I'll be going with Nvidia because of driver support. I'm holding out for a possible 4GB version for next month or I'll just pick up a version which is already available.
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hiredhelp  +   1408d ago
Oh you mean gtx next card the twin gpu card... Cos thats the only one comming btw have you met the 7990
if you beleave the gtx 680 isnt there high end single gpu then i hate to see price of next one seeming at the price of the gtx680 is or was same as the gtx580 witch was there fastest single gpu.
I think gtx do what AMD done bring lower cards out now leave the twin gpu card last.

Look at it this way m8 if there pricing there cards just over £400 can you honistly tell me they have another single GPU higher than gtx680 at what cost £500 thats nutz

But dont forget looking at benchmarks is ok but in game that counts not numbers..
As stated gtx has self overclock amd7970 at stock doesnt soo gonna have the edge.

Just stating mate desnt add up.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1408d ago
I say the 680 isn't the high end card because it was supposed to be called the 670.Nvidia switched up the names because of the performance vs the 7970.
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hiredhelp  +   1408d ago
Yeh i heard that but if thats the rumor then... Why wouldnt they call it 670 lower model still whooping 7970's ass instead they choose rename it 680 effectivly a higher model name. See where im comming from?
Plus if there is and will be another model is that gonna be gtx690, if thats the case following recent model gtx590 that was twin gpu..
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Kakkoii  +   1408d ago
@hiredhelp: Because the market allows them to get away with it. A person pays price based on a cards performance relative to competition, not its size or original intended segment.

This allows them to sit back and rake in tons of profit on this small chip, putting further financial distance between them and ATI/AMD. And gives them more time to perfect the full sized version. It's likely it will come out as the 7xx series, to combat ATI's next gen around August.

This makes it a very easy refresh for Nvidia than usual, and will give them a much bigger performance gain from a refresh cycle than what normally happens, allowing them to beat ATI yet again in the next round.
josephayal  +   1408d ago
The WII U is going to use that power , cant wait
Draperc  +   1408d ago
I thought the Wii U was using an AMD gpu?
Kakkoii  +   1408d ago
Yeah, it supposedly uses a Radeon 4850.
Jihaad_cpt  +   1408d ago
WiiU is going to be shit expensive in that case
Kakkoii  +   1408d ago
Well, 4850 is quite old now.. We've already had 5xxx, 6xxx and now 7xxx just a few months ago. 4xxx series came out in mid 2008, and were on 55nm fab. The Wii U should likely be using 40nm, or if they managed to work it out with AMD, 28nm, which would drastically reduce the price of the chip.
gypsygib  +   1408d ago
I though Wii you is going to have the power PS3.5
kenoh   1408d ago | Spam
--Onilink--  +   1408d ago
Well whenever both companies release similar cards i stick with nvidia because it has better driver support

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