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Submitted by iamironman 1410d ago | news

Sniper Elite 2 dev explains why 3rd-person is superior to 1st-person

IncGamers: Third-person 'perfect' for stealth gameplay, says Rebellion. (PC, PS3, Sniper Elite V2, Xbox 360)

RevXM  +   1409d ago
Good point. I mean A few FPS got me thinking and made me feel vulnerable and like I was there. (KZ2 anyone?)
BUT I never really felt that my gun obscured my view in any game, well it does in some but it seemed right as you see it as if it were through your own eyes.

In some games it looks like you hold a canon on your shoulder s and the entire side of the screen is ... MY weapon.

But TPS games make you look more at the surroundings, and makes you think what you can/should do with stuff around you.

And something I find funny about some FPS games is that the weapon is angled in towards the center of the screen or the Cross hairs... but BULLETS will hit within a given area in the center NO matter how close or how far.
And I sit there and watch the bullets as they seem to be pulled towards the center of the screen(Not going in a straight line all the way).

But I love them anyways, and not all games seem to do that, or makes it difficult to notice.
SilentNegotiator  +   1409d ago
For stealth, sure, 100%. But both have their strengths and uses.
Grap  +   1409d ago
i find TPS games more fun.. FPS not.. just few games
gtxgamer2  +   1409d ago
Tell that to Dishonored
clarkjudo  +   1409d ago
I would favor TPS because your able to view things around you and also see your character in action as in a movie presentation. When it comes to characterizing your character, it seems more obvious to see the changes to your physical appearance. Most TPS allow a FPS perspective when looking down the sites on your scope. FPS does give the feel of you personally being there but you miss out on most other experiences.
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DeadlyFire  +   1409d ago
I didn't think there was an FPS that was built with Stealth in mind. I disagree that there is not a way to implement it in FPS to be just as immersive to the experience.
Highlife  +   1409d ago
One reason that I don't like TPS is that in real life you can't see yourself and the surroundings behind you. You have to turn around to see what is behind you. Mostly depends on the game. But there are more than enough FPS out there. Nice to see more TPS.
raytraceme  +   1409d ago
Actually I believe that tps games are better for single player games and fps with multiplayer. TPS games feel too slow for multiplayer.

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