BF3 PC 1.04 Post-Patch Impressions & Update For PS3 Heat-Seeking Missiles

Techtorial: Here's a quick post-patch impressions for the recent 1.04 update on Battlefield 3 PC. Also, some noticeable changes for heat-seekers discussed by PS3 players after applying the patch.

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ninavoljic2063d ago

looks good for PC players in general.

Grap2063d ago

just to tell u i nearly got in PS3 server in PC lol... im not joking i swear to god on that..

AllroundGamer2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

the patch made the game horrible IMHO, i don't know why they degraded the missile graphics/effects on jets and helis cause now you can't see where they exactly fly/hit...

BlackTar1872063d ago

Patch made the ps3 BF3 crap. Thanks DICE for basically ruining everything even worse.

BlackTar1872063d ago

i need to clarify.

The Forgrip is worthless basically now. The suppressor is worthless. Im not some shit player who complains about everything. I'm usually just the opposite i like to adapt but some of this stuff is so much worse.

Yes i know learn to play a different way is what someone is gonna say but i didn't play cheap never did and never will still. It sucks that all my guns for every single class besides sniper is now having to be completely retooled not just a little but complete since they ruined 2 of 3 attachments i use.

I have over 200+hrs with the game i play to win at all times just annoying now. They made the suppressor sound like it was getting a BUFF in away when in fact its a huge nerf

ninavoljic2062d ago

It appears DICE is planning for another patch release "soon".

swishersweets200312063d ago

Omg, now i know why the heat seekers dont work, i thought it was a glitched. Turns out dice Nerfed them into hell.. WTF dice?
I also noticed now the Stat stars for guns are messed up, and on some stages the motor wont deploy any place on the map at all.

Solid_Snake372063d ago

I really fckng hate the heat seekers now, they are useless

iMpuTeD2063d ago

agreed ps3 version is not good now. every gun has ridiculous amount of recoil and takes longer to kill people screw DICE!!!.

KingOptimus1012063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I see nothing wrong with that, it stops campers from getting cheap fast kills.

younglj012063d ago

Only thing that keep happening too me is i jump from different game modes.I usually only play conquest so i join like an other day.But once my game was over i got thrown into a rush match then a TDM game...

Skate-AK2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

That's because they have servers that switch through the game modes. Make sure it's not an alternating game mode server.

younglj012063d ago

Oh so this is a new feature?If so very smart I had a blast going through these modes.Also no USAS 12(frag)insight yet hahaha noobs ;)

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