BiTMICRO introduces 832GB SSD for CES 2008

The folks at BiTMICRO are about to blow some doors off of the SSD truck with a new product they'll be showing at CES this year. According to a press release, the company is introducing a new, 2.5-inch solid-state drive with a whoppping 832GB of NAND flash goodness.

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Lord Anubis3547d ago

SATA and nand. PS3 is going to get spoiled

Bonsai12143547d ago

5 bucks says it'll be upwards of $2000

CAPS LOCK3547d ago

daaam! Lets hope its under $500...

d3l33t3547d ago

w00t nice find.

SSD will one day replace storage technology?

mighty_douche3547d ago

without doubt.

If not these its gonna be solid state HDD. Eitherway, great stuff, think how much small tech can become, less heat, less size, less noise!

IGNFTW3547d ago


mintaro3547d ago

holy shizzle thats gonna cost alot

Regret3547d ago

Is it attachable to PS3? :O

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