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Halo 4: Meet The New Enemy

360 Mag: Halo 4 will mark the return of the Master Chief and 343 Industries is hinting his new enemy will offer Halo’s hero an even greater fight. But, who will it be? (343 Industries, Halo 4, Microsoft Game Studios, Xbox 360)

Dailynch  +   1248d ago
If the Flood are as annoying in Halo 4 as they have been previously, I'm throwing my teddy out of the pram!
The Meerkat  +   1248d ago
I'm hoping the Didact and his wife will be involved.
Its also interesting that the flood can choose who to infect and therefore take sides.

And its pretty certain the Guilty Spark will be there too.

Forerunners vs Flood(primordials) vs Human vs Crazy Guilty Spark
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Convas  +   1248d ago
We're going to see quite a bit of enemies and/or allies. The Halo 4 Reveal revealed that the UNSC Infinity and Spartan IVs from Glasslands will play a role.

Primordium revealed a lot about the Flood, but also confirmed that some of the Precursors escaped the Forerunner led genocide of their civilization and fled the galaxy. Also, I'm lead to believe that some Forerunner's were also saved by the Didact's shield worlds.

I think that the plot of the Reclaimer Trilogy as a whole will focus around Master Chief encountering said Forerunner.

Somehow the Precursors outside of the galaxy will find out about the surviving FRs and return (with the Flood) to exact their revenge on the Forerunner, and by extension, Humanity, who inherited the Forerunner's mantle or at least are supposed to as Reclaimers.

So that's Covenant, Flood, Precursors, Forerunner, and maybe even Humans if that leak from last year is to be believed.

Also, the damaged clone/split of 343 Guilty Spark hijacking the ONI ship and claiming to know where the Librarian is could be a very interesting turn of events. Add to that the secret ending of Halo Wars and the probability that The Spirit of Fire may have also stumbled upon a shield world and well ...

... Exciting stuff :D
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SilentNegotiator  +   1248d ago
My biggest enemy in Reach were the Nobles AI. I swear they ran in my line of fire constantly on purpose, always ran ahead (unless they had a shotgun, ironically), and liked to spoil my stealthy progress (well, that one level at least).

I liked Halo 1-3, mostly being a lone wolf with only occasional help from those perfectly mortal generic characters.

I'm glad that the flood are returning.

I really hope 4 turns out better than ODST and Reach.
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kaveti6616  +   1247d ago
My biggest gripe with Reach was knowing something the main characters didn't know for two hours, and then knowing something the characters didn't know for the rest of the damn game

1) Yes, you idiots, the Covenant have invaded.

2) You're going to die, why am I playing you?
Kalowest  +   1247d ago
Both ODST and Reach were pretty good games, but yes they could've been better.
snipes101  +   1247d ago
Ugh, I am in no way happy that the flood are making a return, if these presumptions end up ringing true that is. They were just not an interesting enemy to fight.
Kalowest  +   1247d ago
It'll be cool if the new enemy was defected spartans.
Laxman  +   1247d ago
While that would provide some good gameplay, there is no way that could happen for 2 reasons;

1) Spartans have trained their entire lives (in some cases) to be loyal soldiers. They wouldnt defect. Ever.

2) John is the last Spartan alive.
Drake117  +   1247d ago
I think i heard somewhere that during the time of this game humanity has trained new spartans but i seriously doubt the enemy will be defected spartans. I think the mp might revolve around spartan training or something not sure tho.
NateCole  +   1248d ago
Cross over to Mass Effect and kick the reapers ass i say
Kingdom Come  +   1248d ago
In one of three colour variations...
tigertron  +   1248d ago
I'm not sure if the Flood or the Covenant will return. Although I am sure the Arbiter will probably be in Halo 4.

The new enemies could be the Precursors. Remember the flash of a creature in the concept art trailer?
DaveX360  +   1248d ago
Dr Robotnik. You heard it here first.
NateCole  +   1248d ago
Ulf  +   1248d ago
MC better bust out the jetpowered boots and spikey armor, if he thinks he can take Robotnik.
jimmins  +   1248d ago
That's Eggman to you.
SilentNegotiator  +   1248d ago
And his pingas of death.
Grap  +   1248d ago
interesting name they got lol.. thank god Mass effect name race was easy for me to Remember it.
Stansolo  +   1248d ago
God I'm looking forward to this game, I don't want to know much about it. I just want it to be a big surprise and new adventure when I load it up in the xbox.
Do your best 343 and blow me away!!
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Lucretia  +   1248d ago
i hope it comes out good, the previous halos after part 3 really havent done anything for me.

reach was ok, but the multiplayer was horrible. Not the gameplay, the gameplay was the best i think, but the levels were horrible, their were like 5 variants of that coagulation type Forge level. so damn lazy, not to mentiion the graphics on that themed level were bad.

still lookin forward to halo 4
KonaBro  +   1248d ago
Oh the Flood. Close though. :P
Dlacy13g  +   1248d ago
I am very excited for the next Halo.. I love the universe of Halo. In all honesty I think Halo rivals Mass Effect in terms of a deep universe to explore. I just think Bioware did a better job of exploring the universe in their games than Bungie did with the Halo games. Bungie really tried to open it up but I think they fell short of the mark. Probably largely due to the fact that Halo is a shooter first and only... had they done a RPG like spin off I think that could have been huge.
Drake117  +   1248d ago
I agree. I feel like alot of the lore and back stories of the halo universe are better than those found in Mass Effect, but Mass Effect is a better type of game for story telling and Bioware came in knowing that Story telling was the number one priority.
gypsygib  +   1248d ago
The funnest enemies to fight in Halo were the elites in Reach on heroic or legendary imo. Never found the Brutes that entertaining.

I'll be happy never to see the flood again, I like Halo because it emphasizes precise aiming not bullet spam.
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parasit3  +   1248d ago
This better be on PC like Halo: Combat Evolve and Halo 2, otherwise I wont get to meet the new enemy at all.
Young_ART  +   1248d ago
i hope they port this for my apple iphone.

in my opinion halo rocks, and I'm glad to be an owner of my xbox 360 because there's a plethora of exclusives for me to choose from from all genres.

I hope this supports kinect too.

get 'em 343 Industries
BattleAxe  +   1247d ago
TENTONGUN  +   1247d ago
dont know the lore of halo really. but arent there more species in the vast universe? besides the weak ass covenent,, cause ive kicked the crap out them already. i personaly would like a lil change for the next trilogy.
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Hooby  +   1247d ago
There are forerunners that "loved" humans (like the later Didact and the librarian) and forerunners who loathed them (like the master builder). Cryptum gave hints that the master builder may be in cahoots with the precursors/flood, and if we are fighting forerunners, they will likely just be pawns to the real threat.
spicelicka  +   1247d ago
o em geeee it's halo 4 omg omg omguhh

Maybe we fight preserved forerunner species
Bay  +   1247d ago
Older than the Forerunners?

I think they're called the Precursors. "Transsentient" beings capable of galactic travel and able to evolve intelligent creatures at will.

Doesn't sound like an enemy any living creature can take on, so it probably isn't them.
Drake117  +   1247d ago
the forerunners took them on and mostly made them extinct.
sandman224  +   1247d ago
I hope 343 does a massive overhaul on the graphics. If so I'll be a halo fan boy!
Legion  +   1247d ago
I am just hoping to see a lot of Terrain. I don't need a just a bunch of futuristic buildings that have no feel to them. Some planet travel that will put me into the environment.

As for the enemy... give me some Reapers to thrash. ha (a tie in would just be so much fun)
no_more_heroes  +   1247d ago
I'm thinking of getting more into the Halo universe. I've watched Halo Legends and now I'm thinking about reading the books. Where should I start?
Convas  +   1247d ago
Hmmm, this is a good question. In preparation for Halo 4 though, I'd start with Ghosts of Onyx, then Glasslands, then Cryptum and then Primordium. Fall of Reach is a great start as well. Those 5 books though, I'd say are pretty central to the Halo lore from the Original Trilogy and will be important in the Reclaimer Trilogy as well.
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