3.0 - Saints Row: The Third, The Trouble with Clones DLC Review

Arcee "Amazingly, while the story for The Trouble with Clones actually fits into the main story of Saints Row: The Third it is perhaps the worst presented of the DLC packs. It also seem to be the shortest of all three of the DLC packs as it took me less than an hour to complete it. Considering the price that you pay for this extra ($6.99 PSN, 560 MSP) you would expect a lot more from this, especially since nothing from the DLC continues on to the main game of Saints Row: The Third."

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ZBlacktt2449d ago

Oh wow, $7 for an hour of game play? How many new trophies does it come with?

Arcee2448d ago

Yeah, just about an hour. And it introduces 10 trophies.