Top 5 WORST Video Games of the current generation

Once in a while it is a nice change of pace so as to tamper regarding all those games that were totally abysmal and not even worth renting. So what are absolute worst titles of the generation so far that one must avoid at all costs.

These are quite possible the Top 5 Worst games of the Current generation.

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geniusgamerdoc2424d ago

I totally lost my Patience after playing AMY for like an hour or so. One of the Most HORRIBLE games in recent history i guess.

I'm on the fence whether to buy Ninja Gaiden 3 or not, after reading all tjhose Abysmal Review scores the game is receiving.


guitarded772424d ago

This is the number 1 site for intrusive ads and pop-ups.

As for horrible games, I'd say Terminator Salvation was horrible and just a lame ass cash in.

jadenkorri2424d ago

OK, so we completely ignore Deadly Premonition, Haze wasn't that bad, it had nothing new compared to any other shooter, but Its not worse than Deadly Premonitions. Hell, I'd rather play Leisure Suit Larry than play Deadly Premonition.

Wagz222424d ago

Deadly premention was amazing, crappy graphics and the driving and shooting were alittle clunky, but the characters and story were very interesting and funny. Sometimes it was actually creepy but mostly hilarious. Great game, I don't know what your talking about.

IvyWinter2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Deadly Premonition was a so bad it's good kind of game. I found I got nothing but joy and awkward smiles out of it.

Kalowest2424d ago

Haze is a pretty good game, just over-hyped as a Halo killer.

geniusgamerdoc2424d ago

So you are refusing to Accept all the Negative Reviews and poor reception the game received when it was released.

If it was at least a decent game, the 360 and PC ports wouldn't have been stalled.

It's a Broken game. Trust me.

Kalowest2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

"Negative Reviews and poor reception the game received when it was released."

Just because a game gets "Negative reviews and reception" doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable. And sorry for not paying attention to those reviews, i was too busy coming up with my OPINION.

CGI-Quality2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Haze actually wasn't broken (had little to no game-breaking bugs, glitches, or hitches) not to mention a smooth frame-rate. It just looked poor, had a forgettable story (albeit - I liked the concept)/multi-player, gameplay really didn't stand out, and it received more hype than it could deliver on. Still, I'd give it anywhere from a 6 or 6.5/10 - it wasn't horrible.

OT: Where is the original Two Worlds? That sits at the top of the chain for the current gen to me! Worst game ever!

Hellsvacancy2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Haze wasnt that bad, ive played a bunch of Hazey type games this gen which where just as crap, Timeshift and Singularity for example

Prototype, Resident Evil 5, The Saboteur, The GodFather 2 and Resistance 2 would be on MY list, Kane And lynch 2 was awful as-well

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jthamind2424d ago

geniusgamerdoc, i don't think you realize what broken means when it comes to video games. lol.

svoulis2424d ago

So you are saying that us "Gamers" shouldn't judge for ourselves and just listen to all these reviews from random people who surely judge the game on their own experience. While Haze wasn't ground breaking by any means, and quite generic to boot. I wouldn't say it was total garbage, maybe a forgettable shooter at best.

Just MY OWN OPINION though. You know, if I am allowed to have one and all..


lol you sir are a prime example of the wrong type of gamer. did you not hear what kalowest said? his comment reflects his own personal opinion and you come arguing against that with review scores? dammmn bro...he was just saying that he doesnt think the game is that bad. RELAX. So long as YOU enjoy the game that youre playing, review scores dont mean anything to you, do they?

either way, i appreciate your honesty kalo! ive never played haze the full retail game, but i can say that it was the first demo id ever played/downloaded once i had finally signed up for PSN. itll always have a place in my heart.

Anon19742424d ago

And the reviews weren't even all that negative. They were "mixed". Just have a look at metacritic. Most reviewers felt Haze's worst crime was being average. Hardly makes it a "Worst Game Ever" game.

I played through the entire game co-op and actually had quite a bit of fun with it. It's also rare to have a game that allows you to go online, splitscreen with a friend - and the multiplayer in general was serviceable.

And I think one of the things people forget is just how ambitious Haze was in it's story telling. It really tried to blur the lines between simple "good guys/bad guys" stories that we find in our shooters today and add layers to a conflict where it wasn't so crystal clear what side you should be on. The problem for me was, I like goodguys/badguys. When I kill a final boss, I want him to scream defiance at me and yell how he'll return and from hell's heart stab at me, etc..etc. Instead, I get a dying character crying and asking for his mother in his final moments. It's hard to feel good about that. That's not a reason I play games.

At the end of the day it still moved something like a million copies. That's something 80% of console games released never manage to accomplish in their lifetime. I would have given it a 6/10.

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t0mmyb0y2424d ago

I think he's just giving his own opinion that he didn't mind it. Some people still enjoyed it.

BlueTemplar2424d ago

Agree completely, it wasnt the best shooter in the world but it was enjoyable enough and really doesnt deserve a place on this list - ive played far far worse games this generation, ie Matt Hazzard, X-Blades, Ninja Gaiden 3, Operation Raccoon City, Tenchu Z, etc

ShinraE52424d ago

Matt Hazzard was briliant.

Yes I can concede the gameplay wasn't polished and the mechanics were a bit off...but the combination of hilarious writing, unique boss fights, and fun enemy types puts this above most of those duds imo.

360GamerFG2424d ago

pretty good game? Lol. See why I say no PS3 exclusive is bad according to n4g?

Kalowest2424d ago

"pretty good game? Lol. See why I say no PS3 exclusive is bad according to n4g?"

WTF are you talking about, of course their are some bad PS3 exclusives,same goes for 360,Wii, PSP/Vita,and 3DS.

2424d ago
Moncole2424d ago

Kalowest you said it :) there are bad exclusives on those systems but not PC and DS :)

MysticStrummer2424d ago

If you want to ignore a bad list just to attack a PS3 exclusive, that's your business, but don't act like it's out of line to call both you and the list out for it. Haze is exceedingly mediocre, just like most FPSs, but it's not one of the worst games of this gen.

SilentNegotiator2424d ago

What's that, FinancialGamer? You're a ps3-hating troll that will say anything to incriminate its fans? Yes, I do agree with you!

MrBeatdown2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

You know someone is desperate when he need to treat the opinion of one person as if it's shared among all PS3 fans on this site.

Sadly, this isn't the first time I've seen this happen today.

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Kostchtchie2424d ago

i enjoyed haze with bro on co-op, was solid fun game nothing more nothing less, just like now to many people listening to reviews sites rather than trying out games for them self's.. shame other good games that went under the radar was The Saboteur, Alpha protocol...great fun games, that a lot people passed over because of reviews

YoungKingDoran2424d ago

ive always watedn to play haze. as soon as i see it used, im buying it

SilentNegotiator2424d ago

Haze was incredibly mediocre. The AI, the shooting mechanics, the story, short lived online play....mediocre, mediocre, mediocre.

That said, to put it in the same league as Box Office Bust....I can see why SOME people would find that questionable. Worse games this generation at least EXIST.

humbleopinion2424d ago

Killzone was also over-hyped as a Halo killer, and while not living up to the name it still turned out as a much better game than Haze.

ritsuka6662423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

"just over-hyped as a Halo killer."

Actually there a ton better games than halo ( BF3,MW3,KILLZONE), So, please stop this bullcrap of halo killer , sigh..

ljh2172423d ago

I don't think you realise the origin of 'Halo Killer'. The original Halo was considered to be one of the most successful first person shooters released on console (although there were some before, most well-known Goldeneye & Perfect Dark). As a result Halo & Halo 2 were crowned as king of the genre, and even Halo 3 (although didnt live up to the hype) was still considered a great exclusive FPS.

Back in 2007 when Haze was released PS3 lacked a great PS3 exclusive shooter (whereas the Xbox had Halo). Hence, Haze was dubbed the 'Halo Killer', as in what playstation has to offer is better than the xbox counter-part. Unfortunately it didn't quite live up to its hype and in my opinion never fufilled it's role as halo-killer, but nowadays the need for a halo-killer has died out because Halo is no longer considered the king of FPS and squad based FPS's like COD and BF have taken the crown. That's not to say that there isn't a market for sci-fi shooters, just it's died down abit since the original launch of the Xbox.

MysticStrummer2423d ago

@ljh217 - Actually, I think the Halo killer nonsense started with Killzone back on PS2. Call of Duty turned out to be the Halo killer in terms of sales. In terms of gameplay, it's all subjective. I'd say many games have killed Halo, but I never thought it was all that great to begin with. Just my honest opinion.

The_Devil_Hunter2423d ago

What about that Vampire game...umm I dont remember the name something about Altered Species...its sort of a stealth based vampire game im not sure. All I remember was that people said it was A BADDDDD game.

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t0mmyb0y2424d ago

Took 2 ads blasting out of my speakers until I closed it.

CadDad2424d ago

That website blows.

5. Haze
4. Amy
3. Shadow Harvest
2. Quantum Theory
1. Leisure Suit Larry; Box Office Bust


t0mmyb0y2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Thank you. I didn't make it to the second page those ads were annoying as f^ck haah. Bubbles

sjaakiejj2424d ago

"That website blows. "

Their list does too. I've seen far worse games than Haze this generation. Haven't played the other four, though I can imagine Leisure Suit Larry and Quantum Theory are terrible.

360GamerFG2424d ago

PS3 exclusive, must be defended.

sjaakiejj2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

I'm confused.. Why does it matter that it's a Ps3 exclusive? I would say the same regardless of the platform it was on..

I'd say Lair for instance deserves that place a lot more than Haze.

MysticStrummer2424d ago

It matters because he wants to attack a PS3 exclusive. His comments are pretty predictable as a rule.

Hayabusa 1172423d ago

Thank God someone mentioned it.

NiteX2424d ago

Never understood the hate for Haze, seemed like just another bad generic FPS like any COD game. It's quite far from the worst honestly. There's tons of FPS worse than it. One from the top of my head is Legendary.

FinaLXiii2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Yeah Haze is a pretty decent shooter but not in current gen terms more like in previous gen terms.

Turning Point is way worse than Legendary praticly unplayable at moments it makes legendary look like gold lol.

mayberry2424d ago

I can understand why some would not understand the "hate" for HAZE. Basically it boils down to timing. I was an early ps3(60g) adopter, and even though the ps3 had a rather slow launch concerning games (even though I loved oblivian, motorstorm, NGS, resistance), there really wasn't that "breakout selling title. Along comes haze. It was touted by the media mostly as ps3's "halo killer" and was highly anticipated to see what it was going to accomplish. When it realeased to mediocre reviews and another subsiquent game drought ( untill mgs4 ), every sony hater on the net had an absolute field day with the negativity! so if you are kinda new to n4g, boy, was it alot of hate for the ps3 here in those days! wooo boy!

torchic2424d ago

man I can only imagine how bad the hate was back then. you guys had it really rough :/
even remember all the Haze hate even though after playing it in a store for a few minutes, it seemed decent.

all the early PS3 adopters back in the day are heroes in my eyes, because there was NOTHING uncooler than buying a PS3 even though it had the best hardware.