“Wii U Is Pretty Powerful… Which Means You Can Do A Lot More [than current consoles]” -Vigil

Wii U is talked about once again as having superior performance.

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browngamer412215d ago

Where is the 100 comments about this?

Shok2215d ago

Guys, we all know when there's POSITIVE Wii U news the haters ignore it and don't comment.


Emilio_Estevez2215d ago

Hater don't ignore. Haters gonna hate, everyone knows that :P

sikbeta2215d ago

It's your fault for giving so much attention to them, don't you think?


Wasn't expecting any less, for real, there is no way they could make a console on par with PS360, I mean, it doesn't make any sense to restrict themselves to that level, PS360 have components from 8 years ago...

Hellsvacancy2215d ago

So anyone other than a Wii-U fan is a hater?

I wasnt gonna comment until i saw your ridiculous/pointless comment, so ill hav a go

"The Wii-U can do more than current gen consoles" I should hope so!

Thats like comparin the PS3 to the old-skool Xbox, i mean current gen consoles are over 5 years old so i would expect Nintendos next console to be better,

When the PS4/720 is officially revealed then we'll see where the Wii-U stands

BattleAxe2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I wasn't going to say anything either....but I guess I'll speak the truth for some of the Nintendo Noobs running around N4G.

1. For a console releasing 7 years after the PS3 and 8 years after the 360 (provided it releases around next Christmas), it doesn't appear to be all that much more powerful.

2. When the WiiU (Pee Eww) releases next Christmas, it will get about 6 months worth of hype before the 'real next gen" consoles release the very next Christmas. The WiiU (Pee Eww) will be long forgotten by the time the 720 and PS4 release with launch titles that I'm sure will blow the doors off anything we've seen on a console to date.

3. The WiiU (say it.....Pee Eww) is the next Sega Genesis. The technology that it will be using will be outdated before it launches, and the overwhelming hype from Sony and MS for their next consoles will drown out any excitement that might remain 6 months after the Pee Eww releases.

I sense that Nintendo fans will migrate to the Xbox 720, mainly because of the casual direction that MS has taken in the last couple of years. Get ready Halo fans, Nintendo fanboys will be raging at the TV because they can't jump on your head to kill you :D

Shok2215d ago

"So anyone other than a Wii-U fan is a hater?"

I never said that. You knew exactly what I was saying bro. When a negative Wii U article hits, it gets 100+ comments, but when it's positive news, it'll rarely ever breach 50.

PopRocks3592215d ago


Don't be so antagonistic. He's referring to people who bash the Wii U regardless of whatever positive feedback/news is given out about it.

browngamer412215d ago

@ battleaxe
That is the stupidest most ignorant Sony fanboy statement I have ever heard(and being on N4g you hear alot of em)..Let me lay it out for all the Sony noobs here..if it wasn't for Nintendo you wouldn't even have a gaming system period-check your history moron.

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specialguest2215d ago

Blame that on the Nintendo fans for not showing up to hype up the Wii U. No one is going to come here and rave about the Wii U until some demonstration of what the Wii U is capable of is shown.

Tonester9252215d ago

I think the only game that I would want from the Wii-U is the Next Gen Smash Bros. I'll buy one just for that lol I have a Wii just for Brawl. Until they release that. Ps3 it it.

swice2214d ago

@ Tonester

Then go enjoy your $400 copy of Smash Bros.

richierich2215d ago

Where is the 99 comments about this?

yewles12215d ago

Where is the 98 comments about this?

Menashe2215d ago

Where is the 96 comments about this? Ha, ruined it for you.

NYC_Gamer2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

The Wii-U should be more powerful than the 5- 6 year old HD consoles on the market right now

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