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“Wii U Is Pretty Powerful… Which Means You Can Do A Lot More [than current consoles]” -Vigil

Wii U is talked about once again as having superior performance. (Vigil Games, Wii U)

browngamer41  +   1249d ago
Where is the 100 comments about this?
Shok  +   1249d ago
Guys, we all know when there's POSITIVE Wii U news the haters ignore it and don't comment.

Emilio_Estevez  +   1249d ago
Hater don't ignore. Haters gonna hate, everyone knows that :P
sikbeta  +   1249d ago
It's your fault for giving so much attention to them, don't you think?


Wasn't expecting any less, for real, there is no way they could make a console on par with PS360, I mean, it doesn't make any sense to restrict themselves to that level, PS360 have components from 8 years ago...
Hellsvacancy  +   1249d ago
So anyone other than a Wii-U fan is a hater?

I wasnt gonna comment until i saw your ridiculous/pointless comment, so ill hav a go

"The Wii-U can do more than current gen consoles" I should hope so!

Thats like comparin the PS3 to the old-skool Xbox, i mean current gen consoles are over 5 years old so i would expect Nintendos next console to be better,

When the PS4/720 is officially revealed then we'll see where the Wii-U stands
BattleAxe  +   1249d ago
I wasn't going to say anything either....but I guess I'll speak the truth for some of the Nintendo Noobs running around N4G.

1. For a console releasing 7 years after the PS3 and 8 years after the 360 (provided it releases around next Christmas), it doesn't appear to be all that much more powerful.

2. When the WiiU (Pee Eww) releases next Christmas, it will get about 6 months worth of hype before the 'real next gen" consoles release the very next Christmas. The WiiU (Pee Eww) will be long forgotten by the time the 720 and PS4 release with launch titles that I'm sure will blow the doors off anything we've seen on a console to date.

3. The WiiU (say it.....Pee Eww) is the next Sega Genesis. The technology that it will be using will be outdated before it launches, and the overwhelming hype from Sony and MS for their next consoles will drown out any excitement that might remain 6 months after the Pee Eww releases.

I sense that Nintendo fans will migrate to the Xbox 720, mainly because of the casual direction that MS has taken in the last couple of years. Get ready Halo fans, Nintendo fanboys will be raging at the TV because they can't jump on your head to kill you :D
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Shok  +   1249d ago
"So anyone other than a Wii-U fan is a hater?"

I never said that. You knew exactly what I was saying bro. When a negative Wii U article hits, it gets 100+ comments, but when it's positive news, it'll rarely ever breach 50.
PopRocks359  +   1249d ago

Don't be so antagonistic. He's referring to people who bash the Wii U regardless of whatever positive feedback/news is given out about it.
browngamer41  +   1249d ago
@ battleaxe
That is the stupidest most ignorant Sony fanboy statement I have ever heard(and being on N4g you hear alot of em)..Let me lay it out for all the Sony noobs here..if it wasn't for Nintendo you wouldn't even have a gaming system period-check your history moron.
specialguest  +   1249d ago
Blame that on the Nintendo fans for not showing up to hype up the Wii U. No one is going to come here and rave about the Wii U until some demonstration of what the Wii U is capable of is shown.
Tonester925  +   1249d ago
I think the only game that I would want from the Wii-U is the Next Gen Smash Bros. I'll buy one just for that lol I have a Wii just for Brawl. Until they release that. Ps3 it it.
swice  +   1248d ago
@ Tonester

Then go enjoy your $400 copy of Smash Bros.
richierich  +   1249d ago
Where is the 99 comments about this?
Parapraxis  +   1249d ago
and a bitchin' one.
yewles1  +   1249d ago
Where is the 98 comments about this?
Menashe  +   1249d ago
Where is the 96 comments about this? Ha, ruined it for you.
NYC_Gamer  +   1249d ago
The Wii-U should be more powerful than the 5- 6 year old HD consoles on the market right now
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1249d ago
Lol, how could it not be?
Blacklight82   1249d ago | Spam
sknygy  +   1249d ago
People are recently quick to discount Nintendo for having under-powered machines. If you look at the facts the Wii was the only console Nintendo has ever placed last with regards to power.
dark-hollow  +   1249d ago
N4g trolls are too young they don't remember anything before this Gen.
swice  +   1248d ago
For the love of God, thank you for saying that
GiggMan  +   1248d ago
Agreed. I remember the old slogans "Now you're playing with Power" lol
stigmurder  +   1249d ago
I'm not gonna come on here and down Nintendo or the Wii U. Not sure what to make out of it yet, but you can never discount Nintendo. That being said, it's power will likely be surpassed by the next Xbox and Playstation within a year or two of its release.
DarkZane  +   1249d ago
It's not likely to be surpassed, it's actually certainly gonna happen. I don't know if the Wii U is more powerful than the ps3 or 360 (some says the thing is still not on par with a PS3), but in the end, that's a little too late.

They should wait for the generation after that because otherwise, they will always be behind sony and microsoft in term of powers.
CaptainN  +   1249d ago | Well said
Actually they will not always be behind...they will actually be ahead. Nintendo has a 5 to 6 year lifespan on consoles. Wii-U is being released in 2012. As for what we know, the next Xbox and PS won't becoming out this year. As for next year it also seems unlikely. Reason for this is if both company's show off their new sytems in 2013 at E3 they won't be releasing them right after.

They will prob release some time in 2014 which will keep them in their current plans for 10 year cycles.Now during all this time Nintendo will already be developing their next system which, given the expected 5 year lifespan would drop in 2017.

So, hypothetically Nintendo would then be ahead again because the other two would have only been out 3 years. This is of course all specualtion, but given how things work from past generations, Nintendo now leads the next gen movement. By keeping the Wii underpowered they kept the 5-6 year lifecycle alive. This is now forcing the other two to start on their next gen consoles. The other 2 took big losses and were trying not to rush into a next gen in 5 years. Nintendo just basically did minor upgrades and waited, now they will have the most powerful system out for the next few years.

So yes when the other two systems drop they may be more powerful for about 2 to 3 years, but then Nintendo will drop their new system and lead the pack again. Nintendo wasn't dumb, they knew what they were doing. The big guns tried to change the game and say 10 year cycles, and Nintendo was basically like, ok we will see about that.

Bubble me up people if you like my hypothesis !
LX-General-Kaos  +   1249d ago
@ CaptainN

bubble up well said.

I believe your post is correct. I never thought of the situation like that.

Rated E For Everyone
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swice  +   1248d ago
@ CaptainN

Yes. Yes yes yes. Bubbles for well-said.
Honky Kong  +   1249d ago
good thing nintendo is better know for making it worth buying a console. if you want "power" get in PC gaming
Tai_Kaliso  +   1249d ago
Everyone wanted a HD Wii, that is what we are getting. With an added tablet like controller to give this new console an edge factor.

I think its probably going to be more powerful than the current consoles, which is good. There wont be a huge noticeable difference next generation like there was this generation.

Also, after all the things we've heard about Sony and Microsoft and the lack of backwards compatibility and the lack of the ability to buy used games and even share games with other people in your house, its nice to see Nintendo not be associated with rumors like those.

If Wii U can do 1080, I don't think too many people are going to complain.
Machioto  +   1249d ago
Your make it seem like the reports are fact because before kotaku posted this orbis thing there were other speculation about the ps4 like them using a high end powervr,gpu larrabee (before cancellation) power7 and that it was coming out in 2012 with built in kinect likes sensor,so instead of spread fud let's wait and see if any of this is true.
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Grimhammer00  +   1249d ago
Your still going to be only gaming on Sony/Xbox for adult mature games. I can't see ninny allowing ninja gaiden with dismemberment....oh wait, ninny influenced that one didn't they?

Saints row 4? Gta 5? You can say gta is on ds...but that ain't the same as full hd juggs or brain splatter.

Plus, casuals are ninnies market....they'd be foolish not to follow that. Yet conversely, why do they care about better graphics? They get exactly what they want from current Wii. It's the hardcore that want power. I'd think those would prefer Sony or MS.

Consider also that Ninntendo have no idea really how to do mp infrastructure with anywhere near Xbox or even Sony level of skill.

I didn't fall for ninny this gen, and won't next gen either.

Lol...besides, can't give up my trophies/achievements. (sorta not kidding!)
yabhero  +   1249d ago
Are you serious? Wii was the only gen "Ninny" aimed at casuals.Think there are no M rated games on Wii? I have some on my shelf now. Hardcore, as in REAL hardcore want games. Power is important bit games overall. Nintendo ALWAYS has games. Nintnedo has been stealing people from other companies to help with online. They are getting either EA or Steam to do their new Nintnedo Network which IS CONFIRMED to have user name account, DLC, different gaming communities kinda like clans. WiiU already has Assaasin's Creed and Batman, Metro. None of which are family friendly. All are MATURE games (Batman is T). You just sound like your grasping at straws.
mshope10  +   1249d ago
no one knows for sure how powerful it is so i don't know why people worry about it.

but if it is only as powerful as a xbox 360 nintendo will still make some amazing games for it and thats the truth and theres nothing nobody can do about it!!!
trikster40  +   1249d ago
And in other news: Xbox 360 is more powerful than PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube!

Vita is more powerful than Nintendo DS.

3DS is more powerful than Neo Geo Pocket.

I fail to see the news in reporting that new hardware is more powerful than current hardware.
dark-hollow  +   1249d ago
to shut up all the people who says the wii u is on par with the current consoles.
trikster40  +   1246d ago
Haven't we all learned that things like this are exercises in futility? Opinions are like underwear that's been worn too long: you just can't change em.
svoulis  +   1249d ago
Hey guys do you know a not-yet-released console is more powerful than 5-6 year old consoles?

HOLY SH#T there goes the internet!

CaptainN that post was some of the dumbest crap I've read they are all based on your "theories" of what Nintendo is doing. Even if they "lead a console" race they won't compete with the sheer amount of credibility to hardcore gamers Sony and Microsoft has.

Face it Wii-U or not, the Nintendo brand is and always will be a family first console. SO what if they release a rated M game once in a while. Nintendo was never and will never be about being "more powerful" than their competitors. All they care about are the games they make and the games that sell the unit (all Nintendo games). How many more times do you think people are going to be sipping from the same p#ss contained water before they realize no matter how much you shine up Mario, its still Mario etc?

If you ask my opinion the only saving grace Nintendo will have is if the people buying it actually want to buy it for the third party games and not just Nintendo games.
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Lulz_Boat  +   1249d ago
after 5 years.

Shok  +   1249d ago
I see people keep saying "It should be more powerful than 6-7 year-old consoles", but the thing is people, believe it or not, some fanboys expect it to be ON PAR with current gen consoles. Heck, I've seen some Sony fanboys say that the PS3 will still actually be stronger than the Wii U lol.

You'd be surprise at what some people would actually think.
axisofweevils  +   1249d ago
Of course the Wii U will be more powerful.

For starters, it's rendering a different scene on two screens simultaneously, without lag.
linkratos  +   1249d ago
Two points:

1) People are complaining that this shouldn't even be news, yet you still have people claiming that the Wii U will be only on par with PS360. So really this is news worthy, if only to stop all the misinformation. Obviously the Wii U will be a generation ahead of the PS360, but thanks to rampant fanboyism, this actually has to be confirmed by devs. But watch, people will ignore this and go on claiming the Wii U to not really be next gen.

2) While I think CaptainN is slightly off base with his interesting theory, Nintendo obviously knew what they were doing this gen. They knew a cheap console with an interesting new control scheme would sell like bananas. People point out that 3rd party games can't sell on the Wii, which is true, but the Wii has still sold the most software overall, and most of that is from Nintendo published games. Which means more and more money for Nintendo. Look at MKWii and NSMBWii, no exclusive has sold half as much as ether of those on the PS3 or 360.

I think Nintendo was aware that the graphics race is dying down (amongst console gamers, PC gamers are another story), and that this next gen won't be nearly the leap that others have. There will be leaps in other technical capabilities which Nintendo first party games may have to catch up on at first, but overall it should be a pretty smooth transition. Remember, everything resets once the next gen starts.
ChickeyCantor  +   1249d ago
But will it have F-zero?
Titanz  +   1248d ago
You win! xD
Redcrimson101  +   1249d ago
Let me shut the non believers up for good:
1. The wii u will be much much more powerful than both the ps3 n xbox 360. Just look at how much ram as well as the CPU and gpu it's using. It uses a power7. Google it or go on YouTube, the information is out there.

2. The deva already said that it's way more powerful than all current gen systems and that all games that comes out will be the definate version(superior) on the wii u.

3. At the end of the day when it's all said and done, the ps4 & xbox 720 will all have similar gfx and power. With that being said it's pretty much a given that the p4 & 720 will be more powerful than the wii u. Question is, how much more powerful is it going to be?
josephayal  +   1249d ago
MARIO in 1080p is all i need
Ness-Psi  +   1249d ago
theres going to be a lot of contradictory articles in the run up to E3 about WiiU.

just have to sift through all this crap until then (obviously the odd nugget will turn up, pardon the pun lol)
yabhero  +   1249d ago
Maybe it's just me. But isn't it funny how the MS and Sony fanboys are assuming that NextBox and PS4 are going to be like 10 times more powerful than this gen.

That kind of tech is expensive. Recently and PS4/Orbis rumor came out about it having an AMD 7000 and a power AMD 64x CPU. The AMD 7950 alone is 450 dollars. I for one think after PS3 and now Vita. Sony realizes they have to go with a cheaper console, ehich means less tech. I also believe the IGN article from there source. He says that WiiU and NextBox Dev Kits are close in power.

I'm calling it now. next gen systems are going to be close in power and will focus on exclusives. Bubble UP it you agree.
Nutsack  +   1249d ago
There is one problem with Wii U.

The Wii was made for the mass of people that don't care for good graphics and just want the cheapest console around with that funny new Wiimote.

The Wii Urine will market for a launch price higher than the 360 or the PS3, it'll have graphics on par with those. It doesn't fit with the mass of people that don't care for that and pay premium. They'll go with the cheapest option that keeps their kids entertained.

That'll be the Wii around 100 bucks, or the 360 with Kinect at that time well below the Wii Urines price. Too bad, this won't work. And just when its out, a year or so later the real next gen starts...
yabhero  +   1249d ago
Wii Urine?
Actually the GFX are rumored to be about 5 times PS3 and 360. Really? There isn't one of the Big 3 stupid enough to release a console with 8 year old tech. Even if Nintendo wanted to be super cheap they could still make a a console 2-3 times the power of PS3. It pretty obvious Nintendo is putting effort into it if devs like EA,Cryek and Vigil say Nintendo is listening and addign more power when they ask for it.
Also the WiiU, as Nintendo has said multiple times isn't aimed at those people. It aimed at gamers, especially those who left Nintendo because of lack of third parties but still love those awesome 1st parties.
Nutsack  +   1248d ago
Lol what are you smoking mate? 5 x the GFX of the PS3 and 360?

You know whats needed to do that? That can't be done mate with the hardware Nintendo puts in the Wii Urine.

'There isn't one of the Big 3 stupid enough to release a console with 8 year old tech.'


Guess what the Wii was. It had Gamecube tech on board, overclocked. Same kind of CPU and GPU almost. Thats why it could run native Gamecube games also. It did 480p aka SDTV when released in 2006. It was Nintendo that said that they wouldn't compete anymore with the graphical power of Sony/MS because they couldn't win that one.

And now you believe RUMORS about the Wii Urine being 5 x the GFX of the PS3 and 360? ROFL, really. No, they will make something that does about the same, as it'll get ports of the PS3/360 game library mate.

You're way, way off. Look at the past dude, look what they brought with the Wii. It was a last gen device with a new control. My Dreamcast, released in 1999 in Japan, did 480p already, and heck, did even support VGA.

It'll get a multicore IBM CPU, but nothing too fancy and a GPU based on the R700 which is alright but not world shocking. Those chips are UNABLE to put out 5 x the GFX PS3 or 360 do.

The Wii Urine won't be 2 to 3 times the power of the PS3 even. It'll be just on par to run all them ported games. It needs to be cheap on that hardware as the tablet controller will be more expensive. And Nintendo doesn't want to get too expensive, otherwise they'll get the same problems as Sony had selling their PS3 at a whopping 600 bucks. They will aim for I hope 300 max, but probably up to 400 which already is not the price their current audience steps in for. Only hardcore gamers pay up to 400 for a new console. The mass of people wants it to be around 200 or less. And you don't get 5 x the power of the 360 or PS3 for those kind of monies lol.

Forget it, really, just forget it. And again, look at the Wii released in 2006, it had 6 year old hardware overclocked....
Ck1x  +   1248d ago
@Nutsack: lol, you obviously have no clue how custom graphic chips are designed then. The WiiU will not simply just take off the shelf graphics cards and CPU's as you state that it must! These are custom chips which mean they are solely based off of the initial designs of the gpu and cpu counterparts that both AMD and IBM provide to Nintendo. These chips will not only be designed for gaming but Nintendo always designs hardware in which developers can squeez every ounce of power from the system without pulling their hair out! The same can't be said for Sony that's for certain... Since you are such a WiiU hater, just wait until e3 and when I'm sure both Sony and Microsoft will be scrambling to make some sort of last minute announcements to counter the Nintendo onslaught...
Nutsack  +   1248d ago
Same can't be said for Sony? Pretty sure that the Cell CPU was developed together with Sony with one of its main purposes the use in the PS3.

And chips designed for gaming by Nintendo to squeez every ounce of power from the system without pulling their hair out?

* Looks at the Wii running at 480p trying to 'squeeze' out graphics comparable with the XBOX 1 and PS2

Yeah sure the Wii was out of juice already when it launched and easy to program for, it was freaking LAST GEN TECH and the results show, the games look aweful. Run the Dolphin emu on a PC and get the games looking better than on the Wii itself.

If Nintendo's onslaught is what we had the last 6 years with the shitty Wii, then be my guest, if sales to non gamers is what you call onslaught...

If Nintendo won't manage to get the Wii Urines price down at or below the 360/PS3 they're doomed. Last gen they were lucky with a low price, using old tech so even with the cheap price they could make profit on a supercharged Gamecube sold in a new jacket, question is if they are able to pull that trick again. Did it do anything for games in general? No. Even the motion controls were bad in most games. The only thing it did was bringing in non gamers to play something, which is good for the industry I guess.

For a gamer, that thing brought not that much besides the obvious Mario, Zelda etc. The titles I liked on the Wii, I can count on one hand. The 360 and the PS3 on the other hand...

Wii Urine also is 2 years late, at that time it could have put up some fight, at this time, it'll be just 1 or 2 years before real next gen kicks in and the Wii U will get washed down ports again like the Wii got.
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browngamer41  +   1249d ago
Who cares about all your bubbles down and phantom dislikes..doesn't change the fact that every time there is a negative article on this site about ANYTHING Nintendo related it instantly gets 100 comments or more from gloating fan boys of other systems..fact.
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Ck1x  +   1248d ago
I think that e3 2012 will prove that there is no stopping Nintendo right now and how much both Sony and Microsoft have lost sight on the direction that gaming needs to go in!
ZippyZapper  +   1248d ago
This news is missing some people :D
jacen100  +   1247d ago
gaming is coming back to its roots this generation nintendo is winding up for a hammerblow at E3
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