BioWare Compromises Their Integrity, and Gamers are to Blame

Matt Randisi writes, "What gamers have yet to realize (and probably never will realize) that while constructive criticism should be welcomed by developers, having it reach a point where you believe that you are entitled to play a significant role in a developer's vision of a longstanding series is grotesquely narcissistic and downright appalling. Having input on particular gameplay devices and how to improve on them is one thing, but having to gall to think that the ending of such an engrossing story – a story that has always offered a generous amount of choice – has to cater to your exact preference is ludicrous. And what's more you are giving gamers a bad name."

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tigertron2028d ago

Stupid article. We aren't complaining because Bioware didn't cater to our EXACT preferences. We're complaining because we didn't get what was promised. Instead our choices were meaningless and we only had 3 endings - all of which were pretty much the same. Not only that several plot holes were created and it created more questions than it cared to answer.

Please don't give this website hits guys. Its not worth it.

AngryOcelots2028d ago

I wouldn't agree with the choices being meaningless, they carried over and took form through the story. Did anyone really expect the ending to not involve what it did? Regardless of choice, that's how the story was always going to culminate. DLC will more than likely show more detailed aftermath.

Deputydon2028d ago

They are more referring to what we should have seen. Everyone thought there would be some lame montage of Garrus, Tali and whoever else survived and thought they would be shown doing whatever they spoke about doing after the war. And we thought that we would see scene regarding the Krogan vs Turians vs Salarians. Or Quarians vs Geth.

Although, I have to say, anybody that honestly thought Shepard would live is insane. From the end of the first game I had assumed that in the end Shepard wasn't going to make it. Hell, I almost thought Bioware had the balls to kill him off at the beginning of ME2, but they brought him back.

thechad22028d ago

Why are pople so stupid like you. u sir will never understand and the vocal MAJORITY say the ending sucks donkey scrotum

crxss2028d ago

I honestly can't see myself buying another Bioware game (at least soon)... Generals? Not really a fan. Dragon Age? Eh it's just mediocre. Just cancelled my SWTOR account. Still holding onto ME3 until they announce their plans.

Bioware messed up, plain and simple (but that's just my opinion). Hopefully they can bounce back and continue to make great games and hopefully start a great new series. But the games they're coming out with in the near future aren't for me.

kent800820072028d ago

Can't we just drop this, I'm sick off all these articles about the ME3 ending

denero12028d ago

I agree this has been discussed over and over and I see the word entitled I won't even waste the time to give the site a hit

Mythicninja2028d ago

When I see someone accusing someone, or some community with the word entitled these days, all credibility is thrown right out the door, and I stop reading immediately.

thechad22028d ago

No not until Bioware admits they are all big pieces of lying dingleberries

Summons752028d ago

wow bioware now insulting your fans....what's next your going to make mass effect 4 and have shepard an emo crack addict?

The only person you can blame for selling yourselves out is yourself no one else.

InTheLab2028d ago

Here's what I see...

"I loved the game and I love Bioware so you all need to stfu"...

That's pretty much all these bloggers have to say.

In my opinion, if something is bothering you enough to go on Metacritic and blast a developer to hell, do it. If you sit back and take the s*** they shovel at us, we'll all continue to pay $60+$100 worth of DLC for these games that are just downright disappointing at best, mediocre at worst. Particularly in a game like ME where the gameplay (honestly, ME has always had mediocre gameplay) plays like any generic action game, but the story is the best in the industry. When they screw you over with the ending or make promises that the game will be more RPG and less generic military shooter or tell you that your choices matter, but none of that happens.

What should you do?

The only thing you can in an industry that rarely shows any appreciation for it's hop on the net and voice your frustration. If you go out and buy anything with your hard earned money or easily earned freeloading, you ARE entitled to voice your concerns when that product does not meet expectations.

Bioware knows the customer is always right. The critics that reviewed ME3 didn't pay a dime for that game, so who gives a s*** what they have to say. No developer whorth their salt will read pro reviews and say "hmm...maybe next game, I'll do that"....why? The pros are not finacially invested in that game like the fans. The fans are what matter and when you piss off fans...

WE are the only thing that matters in this industry. When we forget that, you end up with a Lionhead that has fan blinders on, so with every new Fable comes more and more disappointment. You end up with a Team Ninja that could give a damn about devoted followers, so they produce garbage like NG3. You end up with a Ninja Theory that could give a s*** less about what fans think.

I swear this is the only industry that could give a s*** about the people that pay their bills. That's actually not fair. Valve, Bungie, Naughty Dog, Epic, Sucker Punch, From Software....those are my favorite devs because they listen to their fans.

Lastly, these bloggers need to stop saying "it's only the last five minutes". No.....if the ending is terrible, the story is terrible. How can you sit there for 20+ hours and get emotionally invested in this epic tale only to disregard the conclusion? That makes no sense to me. If the conclusion is awful or pointless, than everything that led up to that ending means nothing.

DexterPsycho2028d ago

Dragon Age 2. Where did this come from? It was not needed and We did not ask for it. All we wanted was a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins. Did we get it? No.

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