Gamesector Review - Journey

Gamesector: I hes­it­ate to call any game per­fect because deep down everything is flawed in one way or another. However, I’ve never played a game like Journey that has come so close to achiev­ing per­fec­tion through its unique use of emo­tion through song, mul­ti­player, and visu­als. It is a little short, but the fact that the 2-3 hours have more feel­ing and impact than most AAA titles is a true test­a­ment to the power of Journey.

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Dojan1232064d ago

I read that people who did not like Flower should stay away. I disagree. I was not a fan of Flower but enjoyed this game. I recommend. However, I do not have the urge to play again. To me the replay value is low but spending $15 dollar for a great 2 - 3 hours of entertainment was worth it.