USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 24th Mar 2012


X360 - 57,647 (-8%)
3DS - 46,926 (+1%)
PS3 - 42,010 (-11%)
Wii - 34,152 (+3%)
PSV - 25,567 (-15%)
DS - 12,550 (-10%)
PSP - 4,505 (-15%)


1: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (X360) - 198,802
2: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PS3) - 182,954
3: Mass Effect 3 (X360) - 94,675
4: Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) - 61,061
5: Just Dance 3 (Wii) - 60,972
6: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (X360) - 54,313
7: Zumba Fitness (Wii) - 43,482
8: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) - 34,131
9: Mario Party 9 (Wii) - 30,372
10: NBA 2K12 (X360) - 30,175

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browngamer412215d ago

Nice to see Uprising crack the top deserves it!

yabhero2214d ago

@ people disagreeing
I know you don't like LX but what he's saying is true for once. Kid Icarus Deserves to be top ten.

Gaming1012214d ago

If anyone really cared about which game/system is selling the most, why not post global numbers? It's right there on the site.... oh wait, the 360's numbers are only hot in North America, sorry lol

MaxXAttaxX2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Sigh.... sales.

On another note. How old is that VGChartz pic up there?
And photo editing software was used to alter it so that the 3DS and Vita coexist in Wii/360/PS3 numbers from 2008?
Is it cause the PS3 to 360 ration doesn't looks like it does now?
LOL fanboys

Spydiggity2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

it clearly says USA sales in the title. and isn't pretending there's some microsoft conspiracy just a little bit last decade? it's time to grow up now. you're on a video game website crying about something that's 100% justified.

EDIT: Those are some unimpressive ME3 numbers.

Gaming1012214d ago

To all the stupid people who commented on this thread ^
No duh it says US, my point was for people who actually care about sales figures, US sales analysis is pointless if only analyzed in a bubble, which in this case it is. If you studied economics (which you didn't) then you'd understand my point, but nonetheless you're just a lowly pile of trolls.

Who said anything about being not justified anyway, can you please come up with a coherent thought that actually makes sense please, thank you.

2214d ago
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Krakn3Dfx2215d ago

Game is awesome, and I'm left handed! :P

Need to play more of it.

ritsuka6662215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

1: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (X360) - 198,802
2: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PS3) - 182,954

Nice to see raccon city in the top of chartz! Anyway,In a couple of weeks it will hit 1 million sold, and hopefully it will reach 2+ million lifetime..

Farsendor12215d ago

its a stinky game maybe resident evil 6 will be a lot better. hoping it will be anyways

Godmars2902215d ago

Except by all counts its a game not worth the sales its getting. That its broken.

What I find interesting is that ME3 only did 90K on the 360 while the PS3 numbers didn't even make the top ten.

That's the damage Bioware is trying to fix with the bad ending mess.

Captain Qwark 92214d ago

well to be fair its been out for about 4 weeks now and has already sold millions so 90k isnt bad at all esp considering all the negative press. most of the die hard fans prob bought it day 1 so to be putting up numbers like that is still impressive. and it also started on xbox and does the majority of its sales there so the ps3 dropping out of the top 10 isnt really surprising.

plus i like the ending

Krakn3Dfx2215d ago

Yeah, it's great to see a shit game oversell, just lets Capcom know they can continue making shit games and expect a return on them.

I know I'M excited about more shitty games from Capcom.

Varodor2214d ago

sorry, forgot to ask you[carried my copy of game back to the store]

spirited2215d ago

Go America buy the crap . Make ORC 2 possible. /s

Get the f**k out of charts ...COD

Captain Qwark 92214d ago

i havent played it yet but i dont see why your so upset its selling. if it does well enough perhaps they will get a second try and will listen to feedback and learn from their mistakes. then we will get a much better game hopefully.

and if not, dont buy it, no need to get your panties in a bunch over it.

Game4life2215d ago

Big drop for Talke of grace f. Hopefully it will have some legs

Blastoise2214d ago

It still has to hit europe (Which i think will this summer?) I think it will do quite well, JRPGs always seem to do better in Europe than the US

Game4life2213d ago

Well its good pretty well. It had a bigger first and second week than vesperia did. Almost three times the opening. Not sure how it will do in europe to be honest as some of the tales games dont seem to do well just from what Ive noticed. Example: tales of abyss on the 3ds. It looks like it did terrible in europe. But that just my perspective though.

Never know though since vgchartz is not always accurate

MasterCornholio2215d ago

It's depressing to see a terrible game in first place. But I'm pretty sure sales for it will die down quickly.


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