After BF3 1.04 Update: MAV Elevator Bug and Roadkills Not Fully Fixed

Techtorial: Eagle-eyed spotters reveal MAV exploits (e.g elevator, roadkills) were not fully fixed by DICE even after applying the latest 1.04 update for Battlefield 3. Details on this report.

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SnakeCQC2065d ago

i liked the mav elevator eventhough i am not able to do it as i keep falling off

swishersweets200312065d ago

i wish people would stop exploiting shit and just play the game like everyone else does.

Marked2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

This just shows how narrow minded the people, who fixed this, really are. No wounder it took this long to fix. We obviously no longer have gamers making and fixing games. Jesus, why wouldnt they just put up some invisible walls at these spots.

Its kinda like the nursing field....we no longer have people going to school because they want to help people. They are doing it for the RN money....its kinda sad when people choice a path based on money.

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