Battlefield 3 PC patch delayed by “frustrating” console certification

DICE has the PC patch for Battlefield 3 ready to roll out, but is waiting for other platforms to catch up – a process which has its ups and downs. Read full story for more information.

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sovietsoldier2247d ago

none of that made any fucking sense! pc and consoles are not even the same, and if so then again why is pc waiting? as for the excuse that we will get confused as to which patch we are using and is valid its call origin auto update, takes all the guess work out of it. plain and simple its all bullshit !

KeiserSosay47882247d ago

So lame...They already didn't put in commander or a functional com because of this too???

Voxelman2247d ago

I don't understand why would they have to wait for console cert to release a PC patch? If it's done it's done and there is no mandatory cert on PC.

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