Battlefield 3 Now Has Paid Unlocks on PS3

The PS3 version of Battlefield 3 received a 1GB update today adding Paid Unlocks for the Multiplayer.

EA is calling these purchases “Shortcuts”. Here are all the currently available shortcuts you can pick up today.
Kit Shortcut Bundle ($24.99) Unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
Vehicle Shortcut Bundle ($17.99) Unlocks all vehicle upgrades
Assault Kit Shortcut ($6.99) Unlocks all items unique to the Assault class
Engineer Kit Shortcut ($6.99) Unlocks all items unique to the Engineer class
Support Kit Shortcut ($6.99) Unlocks all items unique to the Support class
Recon Kit Shortcut ($6.99) Unlocks all items unique to the Recon class
Air Vehicle Shortcut ($9.99) Unlocks all items for all air vehicles
Ground Vehicle Shortcut ($9.99) Unlocks all items for all ground vehicles
Co-op Weapons Shortcut ($4.99) Unlocks all weapons otherwise unlocked via co-op play
The Ultimate Bundle ($39.99) Unlocks all items from all other shortcut packs

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GraveLord2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Not surprised EA is doing this. They are the ones who introduces online passes after all.

Anyway good thing it is optional. I feel sorry for anyone who buys this stuff just because they're lazy.

Laxman2274d ago

There is nothing wrong with EA offering this to people. True, its lazy and anyone who actually want to get thier moneys worth out of the game wouldnt be doing it, but dont act like EA is some kind of monster for offering people who might not have the time to sit there and play for hundreds of hours to unlock everything, yet still want to use all the best goodies the game has to offer. They're not forcing you to do it.

dark-hollow2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

They are not forcing me but is it fair that I spent days upon days to unlock weapons only to get some noob douchebag unlocking it in one second?
Why bother then? I will not ever buy those things but a "leet gaymers" gonna buy it and earn advantage just because they spent more?

Think about it, there will be more usas users, more overpowered tanks, little birds and jets and it will be a huge fricking mess!!!

LackTrue4K2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

i would get this for sniper class, i have yet to use him. and a skin or 2 would be nice! like the ones in BFBC.
EDIT: Wait....7 "too much, and no skins" (-_-")

NewMonday2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

i have 21 service stars, but every time i try to level up my assault class i find the team gets un-balanced, so i have to be the "bigger man" and pick a needed role. so the Assault Kit Shortcut is welcome, i just need the smoke grenades that nobody use but every team needs.

and another thing is that the game is full with maxed out players, so new ones can use a little help.

but it seams that weapons still need kills before getting upgrades so their is still work to do.

Solid_Snake372273d ago

And you know what's funny? People will buy this.

SilentNegotiator2273d ago

So now the people with the advantage are those who have been playing longer AND those that pay more?

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Perjoss2274d ago

It's not just about being lazy. Someone who has just bought the game and has a friend with all unlocks can sort of catch up a bit. There are also many people that have jobs with long hours but still like to play games in the little free time they have, for them it might be a good option to just buy unlocks.

SilentNegotiator2273d ago

But you shouldn't have to solve poor unlock balancing by throwing more money at EA.

Fylus2274d ago

I've already unlocked everything, excluding stupid crap for the mobile AA so this is kinda meh to me personally. I suppose lazy new players can be excited though.

dark-hollow2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

So now not only people who wasted centuries to unlock overpowered guns have the advantage over new players, but those who pay extra too?

Man, if you just bought bf3 then Get ready for the onslaught of famas's, exploding fiery usas frag fury, tanks with two foots of steel armor and jets with air radars who can spot you and hit you right in the a**!

NewMonday2274d ago

the full pack costs 40$, so i don't think everyone will have everything

Solid_Snake372273d ago

People actually stopped using the frag rounds, and famas had its mags reduced to 25 shots.

Persistantthug2274d ago

Just more 'Call of Duty'ing' the game up.


caperjim2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Is it lazy or the fact that some people dont have time to play the game long enough to unlock all weapons?

Its nice to have the option to purchase them. More games should do the same.

badz1492274d ago

seriously, what do you want? lazy and maybe stupid people deserve to be milked! this is not even new. it has been done in MoH and BFBC2 but why complaint now?

true they might have all the cool stuff buying their way to it but doesn't mean that they will dominate either. experience matters!

Tapioca Cold2274d ago

Do you play on XboxLive? Then that is an online pass!

No different.

"Anyway good thing it is optional." What kind of moronic statment is that? Of course it's optional! Do you actually think they're gonna force you to buy this stuff?


CoolBeansRus2273d ago

"I feel sorry for anyone who buys this stuff just because they're lazy."-Gravelord

Naw, they probably have the money and dont have the time so they just pay for it. It's good as a option for those players who just joined and dont want to get trampled by a lvl 50 colonel because they have no stinger or w/e. It's just and option. Good option imo. Better to have options than not to.

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Hufandpuf2274d ago

why the hate over something that's optional? Just because noobs will pay to get all the guns and weapons (Which is utterly stupid), they will still suck and not have enough playtime to compete. They did this for BFBC2 and no one complained.

Laxman2274d ago

But these cool kids only jumped on the BF bandwagon with the latest and greatest instalment!

But in all seriousness, its just because these people love to hate something, and when they'r enot hating on something or someone, they have a void on the inside.

People go out of thier way to hate on EA simply because its the 'cool' thing to do to hate on big companies. It also gives them some kind of self-righteousness and lets them think they can do things like download the companies games to fight the man.

Fylus2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

That could be more appropriately said towards Call of Duty especially. Now, I'm not defending the game, nor even like it, but still. The game received a lot of hate because of that very reason you described.

AcceptedWalnut2274d ago

The only surprise is that they didn't offer them on launch day like they do with Tiger Woods etc

EA cashing in on lazy players.

Darnokg2274d ago

Wow EA is ripping us off at every corner.And i thought Activi$ion is greedy. The unlocks are just like cheating and the server customization should be free like in every PC game. What's next- pay per play?

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