Could PS4 and Xbox Next come in two versions?

If Sony or Microsoft don't ditch disc based consoles entirely, then could we see two versions at launch?

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bunt-custardly2088d ago

Unlikely I would think, let's just hope MS learnt there lesson and we at least have a HDD as standard.

RaidensRising2088d ago

I think you're missing the point. Both would have HDD but one would forego the standard disc format and just have internal storage, and the other where external mediums can be used i.e Blu Rays etc.

Captain Qwark 92088d ago

he understands it, he is just stating that he hope ms learned from the first 360 since the unit without an hdd sold like shit, eventually making them bring back some sort of memory as standard. he and myself, think that a similar scenario would happen again if ms is dumb enough to do multiple versions again. most peeps would not get the one without a disc tray

TalllPaul2088d ago

It would probably all depend on whether they think demand would be high enough to fork out making two different SKUs. Most people I have asked whether they prefer disc or DL only they all choose disc with the main reason being the internet infrastructure.

OrangeCrush2088d ago

Not a chance, at least in regards to this generation. If this was 5 years from now and we were discussing the 4th gen Xbox and the PS5 then it would be an almost positive yes. Right now, its just too early for digital distribution in regards to gaming.

They will most likely set up a cloud based storage service to go along with consoles that don't have actual DVD or Blu-Ray drives after all, the games are going to be FAR bigger than they are right now. So even if you had a 2 TB HD on board, you would be maxing out that drive with only 50-100 games, probably less if were talking about games for 4th gen Xbox and PS5. Then you have DLC and Xbox Live Arcade games, which are only increasing in number and size.

One thing is for sure and that is that it just wouldn't work for someone like me. I currently have 300+ retail games for my 360, 150+ Xbox Live Arcade games, and a boatload of DLC that I have purchased. I am already having problems with space as my 320 gig HD is 95% full and most of my games are disc based. A purely digital distribution console simply wouldn't work for someone like me.

madjedi2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Everything this guy said + Outside of korea or japan boardband speed aren't high enough, some areas of the world have no or horrible internet compared to the us.

Isp around the globe placing download caps. Ps3 guys & 360 guys how often do you see people on your friendslist burning a whole in netflix for hrs on end.

Almost every console owner i know or have on my list is a netflix buff and some of you people are suggesting. That a significant percentage of console owners next gen will also try downloading 10-25+ gig releases on top of that.

Nope have 1 unit with a upgradeable hdd, so digital download fanatics, can do away with discs, lol still using an old fashioned hdd for the space needed it won't be much faster if any.


hmm maybe for ps4 500gb hdd or a 1TB hdd is what i think will happen

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