Map of the Fastest Download Speeds in the US (2011)

Gamers Nexus: "An analytical network performance and benchmarking firm -- funded in part by Intel -- recently released a study including the fastest and slowest average 'download speeds' in the US for 2011, getting down to city granularities. Here's a map we've created with the top fastest cities in the US for average download rates."

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Wiiloveit2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )


Grap2213d ago

WOW US really have bad ISP!! just wow here in Saudi we got FTTH 100M witch is 12MB/s

ATi_Elite2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Lots of Non U.S. citizens bragging about how fast their ISP service is in what ever country they are in but be aware of a few facts before patting yourselves on the back.

1. The United States has over 300 million citizens which is more than any country except India, China, Russia!

2. Over 95% of the homes are Internet ready with maybe only South Korea having a higher number.

3. The average American has 1.7 mobile broadband devices and that is quickly reaching 2 mobile Internet devices per person which is higher than any country.

4. The United States has the largest FREE WiFi network in the world

5. Our Military uses more broadband than most countries, plus the amount of broadband our U.S. based companies use is also more than most countries.

6. Our Internet is the most reliable and we consume over 50% of the worlds Data!

So yes the U.S. has lower speeds "on Average" but we have way more traffic and devices connected to the Internet than many countries combined.

The U.S. does have Fios which is like 50mb down and that's the fastest speed i know of for consumers.

Over all it's good that the world has great Internet with South Korea having the Best as the Government mandated it's service but again S.K. doesn't have half the Internet traffic as the U.S.

davekaos2214d ago

Dear America. Your ISP's are total shite!!

i'm getting 9Mbps throughput here in the uk and more once my line gets upgraded to the 120mb package.

Saryk2214d ago

Yep and we pay high for our shit too!

davekaos2214d ago

I honestly thought you guys and Asia were top of the chain when it came to bandwidth.

Seriously i was getting 800Kbps throughput atleast 6 years ago, you guys are only getting this now!!

I feel bad for you son

norman292214d ago

I get faster speeds than that on my phone with 3 :O i can hit over 10mbs at off peak, you poor poor Americans :(

b163o12214d ago

This explains the reason the famas owns my ass in bf3, everyone who killed me with it was probably out of the country :^O

Saladfax2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

It's mostly Comcast and other big companies which have a stranglehold on the media market. They actively prevent further competition in major cities, which means most of the time you're stuck with one or two choices.

In the inner area of the Twin Cities, there was a small but inexpensive broadband company who couldn't get their advertisements aired because Comcast refused to let them.

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jetlian2214d ago

that isnt much im on a 8mb and they have a 15mb level.

Lelldorianx2214d ago

That's the advertised rate. My rate is advertised as 15Mb (megabits) per second as well, but I receive about 800KB/s on average.

Cable is not a constant nor predictable rate. But yes, in short, the US has pretty terrible ISPs and infrastructure.

It goes with being the first -- we now have the oldest infrastructure because we were the first to fully implement it. Shame we can't keep up, really.

jetlian2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

when I down load I get 980kbs average and have reached full 1.1 MB speeds

for the people that dont know 8 mb is 1 MB. Now after I DL 25 gb in 24 hours time. I do get throttled for a few days.

this is wow internet in the lake michigan states

Lelldorianx2214d ago

I pay about $50-$60 / month and get an advertised 15 Mb (little 'b') per second speed.

Is that what I actually get? Hell no! I can't tell if TWC is throttling me or if the wires are shite, but I probably get around 800KB/s.

When I used to live in Austin, though, I averaged 2MB/s. It was so good that I almost want to move back there...

C_Menz2214d ago

People from other countries need to realize how difficult it is for a free economy system with the size of a country like the U.S.A to have internet compared to a country like South Korea.

Plus, the chart is average broadband speeds which includes the dozens of smaller budget companies that are slow compared to the giants like Verizon/Comcast. However even then most just go with the lowest plan since they charge you an arm, a leg, and your first born for faster speeds.

Lelldorianx2214d ago

Great points and well said. The telecom companies in the US have no reason to want faster internet when they can already make so much money off of what they offer.

Saladfax2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Comcast and CenturyLink are the only games in my town.

Sometimes it's even fewer choices than that, and God help you if you just want internet without phone and television jammed on as useless vestiges.

Chrono2214d ago

Do you mean 800 KB/s or Kbps? (it's very different)

ATi_Elite2213d ago

We have more people and far more Internet traffic than you guys do in the U.k.. Which will MAYBE only be surpassed by China (and it's 1 Billion population) as that country advances. India has a Billion people but they are advancing much much slower than China!

United Kingdom = 62 million people
United States = 313 million people

Now if i added another 251 million people to the U.K. network i GUARANTEE you your speeds would go down a lot.

The United States network is pretty dam good for the amount of people and devices connected to it and the sheer amount of traffic we consume.

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Saryk2214d ago

I have AT&T in my small town in north Louisiana and it sucks.
But have a friend in Jackson MS with Comcast and it is freaking awesome!

ExCest2213d ago

But I heard Comcast was terrible. But then again, I had AT&T and it sucked bad as well.

Saryk2213d ago

I think two turtles screwing is quicker than my connection, so anything would look good!

davekaos2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )


What do you mean that isnt much??

I can download at 9Mbps which is around the 100mb mark


9megabytes per second is my through put (actual download speed)

Lelldorianx2214d ago

What does that even mean? 9 megabits (Mb) is slightly over 1 megabyte. Clarify your statement.

firefly692214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

We have from 60 to 300MB of speed available to all.We already have 100MB 4G wireless and no Caps on downloads or uploads.Yes Portugal haves the best internet in the World and thats recon worldwide.Were do you people think most internet providers come to test the latest products....yes in Portugal,we have Research Centers from all major internet providers in our Country.

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