Brian Fargo Talks Wasteland 2 and "Abysmal" Treatment of Developers by Publishers

Kickstarter has been the source of much energy and excitement for the video game industry over the past couple of months. What started with one bold, and surprising, move from Double Fine and Tim Schafer has spawned a number of high profile projects, including the oft-requested, hardcore RPG fan’s dream project, Wasteland 2.

Now, more than two decades since the original released on PCs, gamers are finally going to get a chance to revisit the world that birthed the Fallout series. I had the opportunity to speak with the creator of the original Wasteland and “CEO/Leader in Exile” of inXile Entertainment, Brian Fargo, about Wasteland 2, his career and his perspective on the industry.

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Cataract1942d ago

Nice! Really looking forward to Wasteland 2.

dedicatedtogamers1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Me too.

Publishers can be very abusive, but I don't think it's all the publishers' fault.

I mean, c'mon, you devs want to make a $10-20 million game with dozens of programmers and yet you just want your precious "creative vision" to roam free with no thought for the business suits? That's what the indie scene is for. Once you start playing in the AAA realm, you have to answer to the publishers who are signing your paycheck. That's simply the way to goes.

vortis1942d ago

*cough*EA*cough* and *cough*BioWare*cough*.

There are a few shining examples of selling your soul for gold. And you're absolutely right...once you take the paycheck, your arse is theirs.

ostgar1942d ago

First developer I could ever name. Wasteland was a bit tough in my youth but I enjoyed it. Fallout ate up years and years of my life.

CrzyFooL1942d ago

Brian Fargo Presents: Your Adolescence

BlackjackCF1942d ago

Hopefully with the next paycheck, I can dump some money into their Kickstarter.

Nostradavis1942d ago

Brian Fargo presents, games for people that grew up playing games I made in the 80s...everyone else can suck a stick.

I'm on board with this. Diversity is never a bad thing.

NYC_Gamer1942d ago

greedy publishers are the ones getting in the way of creative fresh ideas

KingNintendoFanboy1942d ago

I don't think the blame needs to be put on all publishers.

Nostradavis1942d ago

Well, he says "greedy." I think that sums it up well.

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