Rainbow 6: Patriots Video with PS3 controller icon

Nixelpixel 'Sometime ago Ubisoft released a gameplay target trailer for their upcoming game Rainbow 6: Patriots. A lot of the mechanics that were showcased in the trailer was highly reminiscent of Heavy Rain's gestural icon system.

We found the same video on Schütt(an animator who is working on the game) page with a twist, the video was shot with the PS3 controller placed ontop on the screen, something that was absent in all of the original set of videos that were released.'

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Nike2214d ago

The controller and its gestures makes it look even more like heavy rain...

FarCryLover1822214d ago

Since it was announced that this game is going through a rehaul for some reason, those gestures and controller icons won't be present. Itll be 100% pew pew bang shoot. No story.

FarCryLover1822214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Well they cut the creative members from the team responsible for this.

Much like how they changed Ghost Recon Future Soldier from the initial, yet awesome first version. I don't know why I got these dislikes for, when it is the truth.

"Supposedly Ubisoft Montreal has restructured their development team, removing creative director David Sears, narrative director Richard Rouse III, lead designer Philippe Therien, and animation director Brent George, all of whom to be working on the upcoming 2013 Rainbow 6 title"

Grap2214d ago

OMG!!!!!!!!! it have PS3 Control!!!!!!!! the world it's gonna END !!!