Sony Will Surpass Nintendo For Number One Handheld Gaming Device According To New Research

With the handheld gaming market being revitalized by Nintendo's 3DS, PlayStation's Vita, and various other mobile gaming devices, new research has begun by research marketing group, Research and Markets.

GamerXChange: "With ... Sony's latest handheld gaming device release, a market research group, Research and Markets, has announced the addition of the "Sony PlayStation Vita: Mobile Console vs. Cellphone-based Gaming Market 2012-2017" report to their offering. The group's research came up with some interesting findings."

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Buff10442248d ago

Do we even know how well this thing is selling? One thing is for sure, that 10,000 per month average in japan won't get the job done.

PSVITAlitysensor2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

3DS is going to dominate Vita throughout its life just like DS dominated PSP.

Nintendo is the undisputed KING of the video game industry.

2248d ago
Jobesy2248d ago

Lol, harsh words, but you're right. It's like saying Wendys hamburgers are going to outsell Mcdonalds. Eventhough the quality of Wendys is higher, Mcdonald is cheaper and has a much broader appeal, especially for kids.

wumster2248d ago


Rumbling controllers, analog sticks and your motion controls say hi and they also thank Nintendo on their way past you.

gamingdroid2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Nintendo certainly took a hit to gain that market share, but they recognized it and did something successful with it. To me that indicates a well managed company that is in tune with their customers.

So to me, it's hard to believe they will be beaten by Sony.


***Bro nintendo sucks,no innovation all old things,they do there the king of recycling old ideas***

Seriously? Nintendo isn't innovative?

They certainly has been more innovative than Sony and been very successful at it!

I would like to see concrete reasons for why you think Nintendo produces piece of "sh!t"?

Yes, Sony was on top previous two generations, but before that it was Nintendo, and after that it was Nintendo! Looks like the king got their crown back!!! :D

ronin4life2248d ago

Wendy's fries are crap. You have to salt them yourself to make them taste good.
I do loves me some frosty though... *_*;;

MaxXAttaxX2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

N64 had a "rumble pak" which was an external accessory.
PS1's rumble was built-in.
BOTH companies released rumble at the same time in 1997.

N64's single-analogue stick wasn't even that good in comparison and was terribly positioned down in the center of the controller.
PS1 came out with better positioned DUAL-analogue sticks.

Motion controls? Come on, that wasn't even new and used old tech. Sony was working on Move prototypes with the EyeToy on the PS2.
If anything, motion controls get in the way of gameplay, in my personal opinion of course.
And I'm not even claiming "innovation" on any of that.

I seriously hope Nintendo doesn't force me to keep looking down at the Wii U's tablet controller and use it for almost every game. But given my experience with the Wii, it won't even be an option.

@ PSVITAlitysensor (aka troll of anything Vita related)

Dominate? In sales? Sure.
I'll just go ahead and focus on the overall quality of the product and games.

dark-hollow2248d ago


"Dominate? In sales? Sure.
I'll just go ahead and focus on the overall quality of the product and games"

Yeah! When Nintendo excels with proof hard numbers, let's hide behind more subjective matters!

Like the 3ds doesn't have quality games too!

ronin4life2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

I would rather buy an add on that comes with a game than a full priced additional controller.
And I'm pretty sure Sony's was still a response to the rumble pak.

How good the analogue stick is perceived by you is unimportant: Nintendo did it first, and sony realised it needed one too.

DDR and the power glove came even before the eyetoy, which was entirely different in execution and intention than the wii, so is hardly relevant to modern ideas of motion controlled gaming.

And there is a reason Nintendo games used and new hold on to their sale value while continuing to make and break records their entire existence rather than going for half their value used within 5 months: the overall quality holds up better.

MaxXAttaxX2247d ago

That's your response to rumble? That you'd rather buy a rumble pak than a controller with built-in rumble? Ok.
You're still "sure it was a response" but no facts to back it up? Such as the simultaneous launch dates from both like I gave. I guess that doesn't count, huh.

Sony didn't realize it "needed one too" because Nintendo did it. They did it because of developer and new gameplay demand. And they used two, not just one. A very wise choice considering character moement and camera movement were better controlled this way, than with just two. Later after Sony did it, others followed from then on including Nintendo.

You guys are way too hung up the whole "who did it first".

And what does DDR and the PowerGlove have to do with anything?
I was referring to a remote/wand -like motion control device.


Because aside from a few good exclusives, the Wii had the best multiplatform games on the market, right?
A couple of exclusives and the virtual console were the only things keeping me from getting rid of it.
So sales were completely irrelevant to me as a gamer.

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GraveLord2248d ago

We do have estimates.
Anyway 3DS has been out for a year and it already went through its "doom period" which Vita is just entering in the Western Markets.

KevPC2248d ago

actually is per week :P

fear882248d ago

Wow Chris, you better get back to your website to whip up some more doom and gloom to make yourself feel secure.

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browngamer412248d ago

I just did some research too..and found out that this article has a 100 percent chance of being full of sh-t.

Moncole2248d ago

The 3DS is always on top, it will be hard to beat

longcat2248d ago

considering that the vita will always be more expensive, i agree that it would be hard for the vita to outsell it.

SuperStrokey11232248d ago

I dont know... seems a bit unlikely at least at this time...

ThatMiamiGuy2248d ago

True, but in all fairness, these are projections for the year 2017.

MurDocINC2248d ago

Yea by then we'll have 4DS and Vita2.

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