New Wii: The Destiny of Zorro Screens

From Worthplaying:
"505 Games' The Destiny of Zorro, developed by Pronto Games, promises action, romance and, by use of the innovative Wii controller, the unique thrill of 'becoming' the great hero himself."

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felman873762d ago

out of all the heroes I wanted to place as, Zorro is down on the list, between metal eater man and super-hearing girl.

MK_Red3762d ago

Someone should put a stop to production of these super ugly looking games for Wii.
Sure, no one expects to see Crysis on Wii but when there are decent looking games like Metroid Prime 3 and SMG on the console and even some 3rd party games like Zack & Wiki, RE:UC and RE4 can looking good enough, devs of games like this Zorro and that Target Terror should be really ashamed of themselves.

Prismo_Fillusion3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

No one will buy this game.
No one cares.
It looks awful (not just speaking of graphics).

wiizy3762d ago

i agree they need to polish the graphics up alot. but if the control is flawless using the wiimote then im in

Devr3762d ago

Looks worse than an early PS2 game. :P

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