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Submitted by john2 1343d ago | news

RAGE 64-bit Executable File will be released, more news about Mod Tools coming soon

DSOGaming writes: "Carmack has confirmed that a 64bit executable version of RAGE will be released. Carmack didn't give any specific details about the gains that it could possibly introduce but when a fan asked whether this 64bit version was cancelled or not, Carmack responded and reassured him that it will be released as it’s now in the Q&A phase." (PC, Rage)

mep69  +   1342d ago
And i uninstalled it yesteday because no news was seen in months.... O well lol
Mythicninja  +   1342d ago
I'm struggling to think what good a 64 bit version would garner. Anybody know what advantages this would have?
kevnb  +   1342d ago
Potentially better performance.
sorceror171  +   1342d ago
What kevnb said. The PC's 64-bit mode has more registers, and better handling of large chunks of memory. Depending on how the game is structured, the performance gains might be fairly minimal, or only restricted to certain circumstances, though.
seanpitt23  +   1342d ago
sadly this game has no replay value at all i was expecting abit of dlc due to the horrific ending but no.
Plagasx  +   1342d ago
Just give us a trailer for Doom 4.

No one cares about this game anymore iD...

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