Toys 'R Us Scraps "Bend Over" Bundle, Replaces it With Two New Bundles - Both Suck

It appears public outcry over the ridiculous Wii bundle offered by Toys 'R Us has led the company to discontinue offering it. Hooray! But wait, it's not over yet.

Toys 'R Us has instead given us two new bundle options, both of which, although less expensive, are just as bad as the original "Bend Over" Bundle, if not worse.

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wiizy3404d ago

nintendo has to get to the bottom of these nonsense bundles..

MK_Red3404d ago

True. They should do something about this.

GodsHand3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

I bet if they would put Mario, and Zelda games with it, they would sell. If they don't already.

Enigma_20993403d ago

figured that out by yourself, did you?

yamamoto1143404d ago

At least Zack and Wiki is in there.