Pre-order Max Payne 3 from select retailers and get early access to the Pill Bottle loadout item

Rockstar has today announced that anyone who pre-orders Max Payne 3 from any of the retailers below by April 15th will get early access to the Pill Bottle - a multiplayer Loadout item which allows you to carry more health-reviving painkillers as you fight.

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FarCryLover1822219d ago

Sounds like this will be an unfair advantage in MP's multiplayer.

StayStatic2219d ago

Indeed , but so long as its only a timed exclusive its not so bad , however I still don't agree with all these pre-order editions and their random bonuses that try to pressure people into buying games.

Hey publisher can I pre-order the normal edition and not feel ripped off ?

FarCryLover1822219d ago

Ah- Didn't see the early access bit. But still I hate pre-order bonuses. Makes me feel Ripped off too.