Sega releasing more classic games on XBLA

Sega are set to release even more from their back catalogue onto XBLA.

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nyobzoo2183d ago

or you know, pick up the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for the PS3/360 for $20 and under

Stansolo2183d ago

Your dead right there!
Look as great as these games are there not the games that I want. Sega listen, SCUD RACE, VIRTUA RACING, FERARRI 355, MANX TT, LOST WORLD JURASSIC PARK arcade, SEGA RALLY 2 (proper arcade port not the dreamcast version), PHANTASY STAR online(dreamcast port), DAYTONA USA 2.
Get these games on Xbla, psn and a you will make a lot of Sega fans happy...GO ON DO IT....

Xbigygames2183d ago

That doesn't have all three Streets of Rage games does it? Just the first two.

Smashbro292183d ago

I heard it was a little sloppy.

kingnick2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

It's amazing how many great games the Dreamcast had considering how short its life was.

I was a kid back then and couldn't afford one but if I could go back in time it'd be on my list of things to pick up.

Such an unappreciated system. :(

GearSkiN2183d ago

Bring Gunvalkyre on xbox live sega!

Stansolo2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

You never know with all the rumours about Dreamcast 2 sega might be holding back a lot of there high quality model 3 arcade game back to release on DC2 as there own arcade classics.
Who knows but I wouldn't put it past them. Let's just hope, my xbox360 and ps3 would be traded in the day that

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