Robert Bowling Fired/Quit Over Wanting To Give Gamers Free DLC?

Gaming Blend "Before leaving Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling gave honest opinions in an interview about the situation involving DLC and respecting the gaming community by offering up free content packs of classic maps. Could this have been the real reason he's no longer with Activision?"

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-Alpha2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I can see how that can be seen as a lack of professionalism in Activision's eyes. The guy still openly favours MW1 for being everything the current COD is not. I haven't seen any PR do that before, it's always about representing your current product.

Don't bite the hand that feeds, though I appreciate his honesty.

F7U122088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

So people think that Mr.Bowling would jeopardize his career and reputation over a $15 map pack? haha

omi25p2088d ago

Maybe his morals are more important than his reputation. If he really Left/fired because of wanting to give free dlc then I have huge respect for the guy.

TekoIie2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

If this is true he stuck up for all us gamers and lost his job because of it. That in my eyes is Very respectable. If COD gave free dlc then EVERY other shooter would drop dlc prices to compete and it would have benefitted every shooter fan whether you play COD, BF Or halo.

TheGameFoxJTV2087d ago

Pek, B4 MW2, that's exactly what they did for games. then consoles came around, got better online, and stuff that used to be updates became DLC and now require money.

F7U122087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )


Gaming1012087d ago

It's not up to him as a developer to decide whether DLC is free or not, and no one is going to fire anyone for making that suggestion, this is complete crap if anyone believes it. It's Activision - the publisher - who decides the timing, pricing and release dates of DLC, and they give the orders to the devs to make it happen, not the other way around.

Angels37852087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )


DAMN what I wanna know is who are the @$$holes who disagreed with you (wasn't me I swear to God) for literally no possible reason other than to ruin your streak of agrees. Anyways well said bubble for you!!

badz1492087d ago

I don't think he will ever jeopardize his high rolling career just for a DLC! for all we know, Activision might have simply cut him off because he has a very high salary due to the popularity of CoD! afterall, CoD is his and Co. to begin with!

so, with Bowling gone, there's no need to pay just 1 man a ridiculous amount of money for a copy and paste job every year! the foundation for future CoDs is there and they just need guys to put them together which is relatively easy which negates the importance of big figures like Bowling! no more high salary but CoD still lives! Activision wins.

gamers have to admit that with or without Bowling, CoD will still come out as scheduled every year and the masses will still flock to it like flies on a dead meat! the very proof of this lies in the form of CoD BO which is not IW's but still breaking records!

that is why I think my theory is way more logical compared to this ridiculous DLC idea!

SilentNegotiator2087d ago

I doubt he went around the office shouting "Free DLC! Viva la revolution!"

Unless he has other prospects, I doubt he would put up enough of a stink to get FIRED or be appalled enough to quit over it.

RickHiggity2087d ago

It's been happening a lot as of late. big name developers branching away from these greedy publishers in favor of satisfying the fans.

aCasualGamer2087d ago


Couldn't agree more. If he did quit because of that then he has all my respect.

Still, you'd have to be a realist and if that's the real reason he quit then he is a fool. He has to think about his income, his future, his family. To be fair, though, he may already have earned the millions he will ever need in his lifetime.

Anyway you look at it, this is bad news. Activision loses a great talent and charges gamers more. Bowling quits/fired and loses income.

Oschino19072087d ago

Guessing some people here ignored or forgot about this as it hurts their case against hating everything even assoicated with COD.

DeadlyFire2087d ago

He basically sees the evil that led to the rest of infinity ward leaving to start building Respawn studio. So I hope they give him a spot on their team.

I agree with his point though. The game engine since MW has been the same for all three games. Why charge for just throwing it in the new game? Its not like it had to be completely revamped.

CoD 4: MW was the last real CoD that was made with the real Infinity Ward in charge of it.

orange-skittle2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Not to piss on your parade, but Back to Karkand(BF3) was free and that didnt stop other companies for charging us for DLC. Some people do give away map packs at no charge. I think UbiSoft and Bungie have both done it in the past. It's a good gesture so that players stay interested in your content. With a market that is so saturated and congested with competition, everyone looking for the next big'd think they would throw a dog a bone and keep you playing their product. Instead they choose the vampiric way and continue to suck the last bit of blood out of you with no concern about future releases. This is why people need to speak with their wallets from now on. I tried MW3 again last week after a 3 month hiatus and I realized why I can no longer stomach that game. It has been SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY like Greg Williams(New Orleans Saints Def.Coor).

I understand that this a business and they must make money to keep giving us what we enjoy most, but I also know that without US..there is no THEM. I am also a business owner and manager of major franchise, so I know that sometimes you give a little to get a lot. If Walmart had a 1 day sale buy 1 get on many people would return the day after that sale? How many people would they have also introduced to their store that never would have stepped foot in a Walmart prior to that sale? You give me a free map pack today, I will purchase the next one from you. You keep nickle and diming me for map packs, you'll be lucky if I upgrade or continue to play your game.

RaptorGTA2087d ago


Actually B2K wasn't free. Only to those who had the limited edition got it for free. The rest had to pay for it.

And COD is the leader and trend setter in the FPS market as of right now (for console at least). So if they began to do free DLC i think we would see competitors alter their price to compete...trying to compare COD marketing power to BF's isnt close.

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cannon88002087d ago

In my opinion, Activision is nothing more than a money-hungry superpower of the gaming world. That is why I don't buy their games period. But if they change then maybe my opinion about them can change too.


If any cod fanboy doesn't like what I wrote and wants to attack me, you can go eat a monkey's left nut.

Tai_Kaliso2087d ago

I'm sure you fully support EA and their games though right? Funny how that works these days, people here hate on Activision but EA is 10x worse in every way.
Monopolize the NFL license
Pump out the same sports games every year
Online passes
Day one DLC
Close down servers to force people to buy the new games
Ruin franchises and companies like Bioware, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

The list goes on and on, but hey at least they put out Battlefield 3, so lets act like they are gods.

ThankYou_KindSir2087d ago

^^^ You're totally right! EA pretty bad and after reviewing a list of all the servers they have already closed down, it's really quite a shame people don't say more. I understand that they are a business and are out to make money so I can sympathize, but I also know that many gamers can be crybabies (i.e. Mass Effect 3) and over-react. Many gamers seem to forget that no one is forcing them to buy any game. Video games ARE NOT an investment they are a luxury.

extermin8or2087d ago

EA are bad in some respects but actually as a company towards the public they maintain a better image- the issue I have with Activision is how quickly they will kill a dev or project if it doesn't appear quite as promising as it originally did- plus at least EA does give new and asmaller Devs more of a chance to create games than EA if you want to discuss the best publishers/devs for gamers nowadays then theyy just need to discuss sony, nintendo, microsoft, ubisoft and Rockstar tbh; those 3 makes some of the highest quality games via internal studios and themselves they also make it some of the most enjoyable

TekoIie2087d ago

This is why I support Ubisoft whenever possible. They don't milk franchises or ruin them and before anyone says AC is being milked look at the quality of the story and multiplayer. Both are very innovative.

InTheLab2087d ago

They don't support online pass for any of their titles. EA and Capcom are far worse than Acti.

Also...CoD is annualized s***. Spider-Man is annualized s***. Transformers is annualized s***. Tony Hawk was annualized s***. Guitar Hero was annualized s***. Skylanders is kiddy s***.

I pretty much hate Activision, but they're low on the totem pole as far as greedy companies go, even with their over priced maps that are optional. Those f***ers at Capcom will intentionally leave off the multiplayer for their game, then charge you for it 2 months later. Those bastards charge you for pallet swaps that were once unlockables 6 years ago. They'll give you a million reasons why they can't patch Street Fighter, and why you must pay for the "super" or "ultimate" version which makes all your unlockable s*** worthless.

Tell me Capcom is not worse than Activision. Or EA with their locking off single player content with their online pass bulls*** that even infected Sony. Corrupting a once great dev like Bioware into a greedy corporate machine.

I hate activision but their at least 4th in line behind EA, Capcom, and Ubisoft.

farhad2k82087d ago

Well said Taio, Well fucking said.
That's the most truest thing I've ever read on N4G.
No sarcasm intended.

STONEY42087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

EA isn't much better (DLC, online passes BS, Origin), but the actual games under them usually turn out to be great. Recently, Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 2, Battlefield 3, ect.

Activision... COD4 was the last real quality title to come out from them, and Activision almost stopped Infinity Ward from even making it.

ziggurcat2087d ago

@ tai_kaliso:

news flash: EA isn't the only publisher to do all of the things you've whined about.

- online passes aren't new, nor are they something exclusive to EA.
- you're really complaining about origin? lol
- day one DLC has been done before by other publishers, so nice try... and if you're referring to ME3 - the content wasn't on the disc (if that's what you're implying as to why there was day 1 DLC).
- servers get shut down all of the time. again, EA is not the only people to do this.
- activision has ruined far more than EA - also, EA lets bioware do whatever they want (i.e. EA gives them free reign over their own games), so if anyone's ruining DA or ME, it's bioware.

Soldierone2087d ago

@The EA haters above.

-EA did not monopolize the football license. That was the NFL. If you want to talk about greed then the NFL is a PRIME example of it. They were the ones that approached the companies and sold, and still sell, the license. Why are you not attacking 2K for the MLB license? The same thing happened there. Good thing the NHL and NBA simply sold licenses to use the product, and didn't make it exclusive.

-Pump out the same sports game every year....Madden sure, but look at what they did with the NHL series while 2K still sits there doing nothing. Look at where MVP was going before that was taken away. Madden is bought by the same clueless people that think COD is revolutionary....

-Online passes I will entirely agree with, but you know for a fact if it wouldn't alienate COD fans or the COD fans were not suckers for the DLC and "Elite", Activision would do it in a heartbeat.

-Day one DLC, I believe Capcom is the king of that.

-Close down servers, you mean for games that came out years ago that barely have maybe 50 people online? Sorry but by that time it's time to update, especially since the "new" games are maybe 20 bucks now. It's not like they are shutting down Bad Company 2 the second BF3 came out....

-Ruin franchises? really? It's not like EA sits there and says "make sure the game sucks!" lol?

Also to the person that says Ubisoft is better, I laughed. I love Rainbow Six to death but Vegas 1 to Vegas 2 was more of a clone than friggin CODMW to MW3....lets not forget how they ruined Ghost Recon. Honestly think its more of a fact that they don't know how to milk games, and when they know how to they do it.

-Now to play the opposite side. EA doesn't sell out entirely to one console. Sony steps in and EA tosses a "free" classic on the disc, or a 1 week timed exclusive DLC. Not a friggin month or more. They don't make everyone pay for an "Elite" service and only make one side actually get the benefits. They are not re-releasing old maps as overpriced DLC constantly. They don't pretend like nearly half of their fanbase for their biggest franchise doesn't even exist or matter.

Honestly if we were talking about the old EA I'd agree entirely, but giving credit where credit is due is a good thing. I'm by no means stating EA is perfect, they are not and yes I do disagree with some of their business moves but to say they are worse than Activision? Come on....Activision is sitting on a high horse with a giant cash cow sitting next to them and until its gone they will be happy with sub-par actions. Talk about ruining franchises, how many absolutely awesome idea's went through Activision and then never got another chance because it didn't sell like COD?

Why defend Activision, are they honestly the way you want every company to run?

mep692087d ago

This is a thread about Activision, not EA.
But on that note ANY DLC that isn't ofcourse a REAL expansion is unjust.
Take Valve, i don't remember ever paying for something extra for one of their games which was not also a Hardcopy (meaning ofcourse that it is an Expansion). Games like Left 4 Dead, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike Source they are all game that have had content added for free (except hats ofcourse lol)
On EA though; as much as i like games like Mass Effect, it should NOT have DLC, it's not that kind of game where you can just randomly add DLC. It's a single player experience, anything further to the plot should be a necessary Exspansion; or it just doesn't make sense.

But urgh the term fanboy is really lame -_-

gamingdroid2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

EA even attempted to ban you from you legally digitally purchased games if they happen to disagree you in a forum, and ban you!

Their online passes have a freaken expiration date!

... and let's not forget their bait'n switch, with the pre-order items for ME3. I was personally affected by this BS.

If it wasn't for Mass Effect (which Bioware got me hooked on before EA bought them), I wouldn't be buying a single EA game. The DLC for Mass Effect is pretty nasty too, it isn't just some side missions. It is characters from the game!

mep692087d ago


Yep agree, wouldn't go as far as to not buy an EA game.
But i hate it when people release games with intent to add more content to an experience which should be complete and then charge people for it (like extra Characters like you said).
Some troll seemed to disaree with my previous comment though.

antz11042087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )


cannon: 0
Tai: 1

@ Soldier
I'd like to see how you'd feel if you shelled out $10 for an online pass and 18 months (not years) later the servers go down. Thats shady any way you slice it. I really like some of the title EA puts out but if you think they don't do every point you countered above you need to pull your head out of the sand.

cannon88002087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

@ antz

Funny how at the time of this reply I have thirty one people that agree with what I wrote and only three that don't.

orange-skittle2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

EA is not as bad as you make them out to be. First and foremost, EA is a company. They are here to make money and they can't please every nerd in the world considering we all have different needs and wants. Secondly, they didn't buy anything that wasn't up for sale to begin with. The NFL License was up for grabs and EA had deeper pockets. They tried to buy the NBA license, but they weren't selling. The NFL is greedy and was just out to whore themselves. They even raised the price on EA once the license was up for renewal. They also bought the ESPN tag to secure that no other company can make an NFL game to rival them. In 2004, Take Two sold NFL2K5 for 19.99 NEW, so that people would get a chance to play their product and see how inferior Madden was compared to their product. Now people are complaining. Since the NBA didn't sell out, everyone see's that NBA2K series is more superior to the fact that NBA Elite/Live was canceled last year because it wasn't up to standards. If the NBA sold out like the NFL, we would've been stuck with NBA LIVE. Again, if it's not for can you buy it. They pump out sports games every year because THAT IS WHAT YOU ASK FOR! Do you still want to play Madden 09 with a different roster? How much change in a game can they do in 10 months?

Online passes are there because thats their way of combating USED GAME PURCHASES! they dont make money on used games....BEST BUY and GAMESTOP does. Grow up and learn about the business before you speak little boy. I am not a EA follower in any stretch, but I do know they stand behind a brand and a company. They took BioWare and DICE somewhere they have been before. Ask any kid on the street if they ever heard of Jade Empire or Battlefield: Modern Combat. Mass Effect 3 sold more than Mass Effect and will sell more than ME2 because of EA's marketing and budget. Same goes for the the Battlefield series. Everyday I see more people join BF3 because of all the money EA has given DICE to make a solid game.


You're delusional! Activision is not as greedy as EA? I guess you didnt know Bobby Kotick wanted to charge you $79.99 for Black Ops and Mw3 because he said you'll pay for it because its Call of Duty. He also wanted to charge for online play like WoW on a monthly subscription base. Maybe you should read about the company before making blanketed statements

antz11042087d ago

@ Soldier,

Funny how last I checked the online community was made up of more than 31 people, and that still doesnt make the server shut down any less shady. I love ME3 and the multiplayer but I could argue against your Elite statement by saying that you are compelled to play multi for the sake of your war readiness for the end of the single campaign.

Like I said, both companies are doing the same practices, just one isn't as blatant about it.

antz11042087d ago

Lol, sorry soldier, was typing too fast and addressed it to the wrong person. Totally my bad good sir.

Well it took you seventeen hours to get 33 agrees on a flamey "I hate activision" comment? Congratulations......I guess.... But between yours and Tais comments his is a good rebuttal and actually sounds somewhat intelligent. So take your 33, and your three bubbles (which will go down eventually if you keep up comments like that), and have a good day.

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Kahvipannu2087d ago

"'s always about representing your current product."

This is what Activision wants, hell, becouse of them the only good PC-servers for MW2 got shot down.. Why? Becouse "of piracy" they told. Bollocks, it has nothing to do with piracy, that doesn't even make sense. They just don't want you to play the old game, becouse they won't get money for it, and you won't be buying DLC, or paying for the "Elite".. MW3 on PC is an joke, and an insult to the PC community, I don't know why they even bother..

salinidus2087d ago

I to sincerely doubt he was willing to lose his job over this but if he did, is it really such a surprise that a company that is willing to jib its paying customers on early dlc release dates that they are paying for through their premium subscription,would not can someone that is causing a fuss over free dlc that they could charge for.

Bleucrunch2087d ago

But Alpha you wouldn't stay at a company that you know was doing a disservice to the people that it serves. Their is no way you would be able to go in front of a camera or speak to a reporter with a straight face and speak kindly of a company that tries to marginalize its customers with the stunts they pull as far as DLC is concerned. If this claim of why he may have gotten fired/let go is true than I fully support him or any man that stands up for what he/she believes in...always FIGHT THE POWER!

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ATi_Elite2088d ago

Robert Bowling "Hey Bobby how about we give back to the gamers and give them some Free DLC"

Bobby Kotick "Free! Bee-yotch your fired! pack your crap and get out! Oh and don't forget to pay your parking dues and desk fees on the way out! This is Activision not Charity, we charge $5 to use the bathroom round here"!

Dark112088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

hahaha .. Bubble up +

F7U122088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

They got rid of the $5 flat fee last year, now they charging by the pound.

torchic2088d ago

Bobby Kotick: "Free? You use such offensive language boy GTFO of my company!"

ziggurcat2087d ago

bubble down for the misuse of "your".

DJ2088d ago

Remember how game companies told us DLC would be a good thing? Poor guy was extremely loyal too.

FinaLXiii2087d ago

ironicly blizzard which is part of activision does alot of free dlc/patches.

TekoIie2087d ago

Blizzards WOW requires a subscription to use the game fully and is where the profits really come from.

FinaLXiii2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

@Pekolie well im not taking about WOW just look at diablo 2 for example that took awesome updates/expansions completly for free for years and still counting.

vortis2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

They better be free with a monthly subscription.

They still have a premium cash shop though...I guess the subs just don't cover enough for people to get "free" fire-breathing, rainbow-colored unicorns worth $25.

@Hojo0003, that was before they were devoured by Vivendi Universal/Activision. The Blizzard you once knew and loved is no more, it's just a shell of what made them so beloved during the Golden Era.

BitbyDeath2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Warhawk had a lot of free DLC.
Starhawk will likely go the same route.

RioKing2087d ago

Burnout Paradise also had its fair share of it..

Oschino19072087d ago

Warhawk had a big update at one point but not "a lot of free DLC", they had 3 map packs I believe that were still selling for full price last year around this time. 4+ years after release.

SaffronCurse2087d ago

I remember back on the original Xbox where dlc was free.

GraveLord2088d ago

He'd be raging on twitter if he were.
He definitely wouldn't have announced it on twitter the way he did if he was fired.

This looked planned like his contract was up and he wanted to move on to other things.

Stop trying to make this into some sort of scandal. People move on to work on different games all the time.

AtomicGerbil2088d ago

Or he's legally bound to keep quiet, we just don't know.

BattleTorn2088d ago

It may be in his best interest, if seeking another gaming career, to keep his mouth shut.