Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft: three very different takes on portable gaming at GDC 2012

Take a step back, and suddenly it seems like the major players of consumer gaming aren't even driving on the same track. This war isn't about the "most powerful" console anymore; it's about creating the right experience for today's gamer. We ducked under the unspoken truce of last week's Game Developer Conference to get a bead on Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony's portable gaming strategies. Read full story to see what they're doing to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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Shivan2122d ago

the 3ds is clearly kicking ass

Kohven2122d ago

Sorry haven't played my 3DS since I got my Vita...

glopez2121d ago

Sorry I haven't played my vita since i got my 3ds...

See i can do that too.....

Shivan2121d ago

Sorry I havent played vita since the only good original games are on 3ds...........

not to mention the 3ds has never been below third worldwide and the vita has never been above fifth......................

And the 3ds has actually been first and second

The vita never has, and the way its going, never will

PSVITAlitysensor2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

3DS has great games, glasses free 3D and a 3D camcorder! Online community is great too..!! Vita has no games and a weird touch thingy... Sorry i just don't like it.

Buy 3DS.

Hicken2121d ago

"No games and a weird touch thingy."

That pathetic excuse was the best you could come up with?

And sorry, but the 3DS's 3D isn't true 3D. It's annoying more than anything else, as it always feeling like I'm looking through a window from the outside.

Good job playing the sales card, by the way. I'm surprised you didn't mention all the worthwhile games it took a year for the 3DS to get, while there are early as many on Vita just a month after full release.

"Only good games are on 3DS." Spoken like a true fanboy.

yabhero2121d ago

I'm sorry your missing Kid Icarus: Uprising then... great game you know.

ZippyZapper2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Vita compared to 3DS is like Sega handhelds. Nintendo has nothing to worry about, accept for smartphones.

Kohven2121d ago

I see that a lot of people are "butt hurt" about my comment...but you see I am only stating a fact. Yes of course the 3DS has good games...but it did take a while for them to release. The Vita was released with a far better launch up of games than the 3DS. I bought 5 games on launched to where as on the 3DS...1 Street Fighter IV. All I am saying is that I am still very much busy with my Vita games. Just remember though that I have both systems...and really it seems the Vita is the top choice NOW.

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dboyman2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

I got Vita and a 16GB card when it first came out only paid $100 with all my trade in credits and now got 3DS for free when I used my Walmart $125 gift card I won(that was about to expire to purchase it (it was on sale for $119). So for $75 I got the 3DS and the Vita. So I have best of both worlds

gtxgamer22122d ago

that confused the crap out of me

dboyman2122d ago

I just realized I confused myself too gtxgamer2. lol Oh well meant to say was for the best portable experience, I got both 3ds and Vita for best variety of games. I'm finding it easier for me to game on the go.

Wished N4G can let you remove posts you made by mistake though -_-

yabhero2121d ago

@ All the disagrees
Please LOOK UP the sales figures recently... the 3DS has been kicking ass with over 150,000 like every week... sheesh


heard ALOT of pro Vita talk from friends.
Some of them resistant to handheld gaming,others fans since day 0.

gtxgamer22122d ago

Microsoft doesnt have a portable O.o

Warzone452122d ago

there's rumors that they are making one

deep_fried_bum_cake2121d ago

I've not heard those rumours. Pus this says they don't think portable gaming is a smart move

it's about 3 quarters of year old but I'm sure that hasn't changed.

badz1492121d ago

they are considering Windows tablets as their portable

TheDivine2121d ago

Love my vita and my 3ds. I do play the 3ds alot more lately because of re revelations and kid icarus uprising. Those are the 2 best games ive ever played on any handheld and im completely in love with KIU right now, its prob my goty already. I like the 3ds because it has games not possible on consoles and unique games built for the system. I like the vita because it gets console like games on the go and il finally get to have persona 4 and ffx on the go. The screen is really beautiful and i really like the back touchpad, its a great new feature.

yabhero2121d ago

Kid Icarus Uprisng = GOTY
Campaign to get Kid Icarus on WiiU and get it nominated for GOTY (it's already my GOTY)
What should we call this operation?
(Puts on sunglasses)
"Operation Pitfall.."

CaptainN2121d ago

The portable market is Nintendo's....Sony can have some of the pie, but its still Nintendo's playground. MS can try to get in but the most they can expect is a share like Sony's because they will not take Nintendo out of first place in portables. Plus MS can't even sell home consoles in Japan......imagine a portable!! They know it wouldnt be wise to attempt that. But hey, good luck to all the companies.

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