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"It's odd that a late port with added content - and on another platform, no less - is the only version of the game to make it here, and some Wii fans have been understandably upset. But was it worth the wait; did Wii-only owners actually miss out on something special?" - Karl Koebke

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Spectator12188d ago

Maybe now Namco will start bringing these to the West regularly instead of twice a decade or so.

Shivan2188d ago

and you can thank gamers why we havent seen more

Runa2162188d ago

Looks alright, but all these "tales of xxxx X" titles are just getting confusing.

swirldude2188d ago

It stinks that Wii owners get shafted, but it's nice to see the game finally arrive here.

Infernostew2188d ago

Wii owners got Symphonia 2.

DarkBlood2188d ago

how many years ago was that?....... yeah i thought so it was promised for the wii at the same time at one point if i rembered right

kerky2188d ago

Good reason to dust off the Wii.

Snookies122188d ago

Who knows, he might have a Japanese Wii, and just now imported the original game? XD

kerky2188d ago

By Wii, I of course meant PS3. Can't believe no one got that...

Infernostew2188d ago

Why would you need to dust off your PS3?

2188d ago
Blastoise2188d ago

I`ll keep an eye on this game, may have to wait for a price drop/special offer though considering it was a wii game originally. I want to support it as im hoping that Tales of Xillia (The one people REALLY want) will get released in Europe & America.

SnipeySnake2188d ago

If you think Xillia is better than Graces, you'll be very disappointed. Xillia only has better graphics. There's only 1 short mystic art per character. There aren't nearly as much link artes for the rest of the characters as there are for Jude and Milla. Co-op is completely broken for 3-4 players because once you go into Link mode (which you pretty much use most of the time) the character you linked to becomes completely controlled by the AI. There are very very few in-game costumes (only 4 in total). Very few side quests. The characters aren't really fleshed out, the final dungeon is very short and rushed and the game overall is around 30-40 hours. Not only all of this, but the game devs said themselves that Xillia was rushed so they could release it in time for the anniversary and that they had to scrap a bunch of things they wanted to add to the game. This includes 2 characters that were originally suppose to be playable, the Tales series staple cameo battle, an area like Nam Cobanda Isle and Secret Missions. There may be a Xillia Directors Cut version released and i'd rather wait for that.

Blastoise2188d ago

Well, considering tales of graces f got extra stuff, maybe tales of Xillia with have all the original "extras" put in it for the localized versions

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