PlayStation Store Preview – March 27, 2012: Get Some Closure

While this week doesn’t have that much content, the PSN sees yet another exciting looking indie game grace it’s digital shelves, Closure, and the Vita finally gets some more apps, even if it’s not Skype. - PSLS

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cervantes2402217d ago

Wheels of Destruction looks interesting, as does Closure.

Trexman892217d ago

had no idea what Closure was until i googled it just now. It looks awesome. I think i'm gunna be buying this tomorrow.

2217d ago
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alexcosborn2217d ago

Must say, Closure does look pretty awesome.

insertcoin2217d ago

Might actually get Supremacy MMA for the Vita.

dbjj120882217d ago

Can't believe I'm actually excited about Resistance: Burning Skies. Resistance 3 was great but the other entries were so "meh."

Sev2217d ago

Need more Vita games.

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The story is too old to be commented.