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Japanese Chart for Week Ending 30th December 2007

VGChartz reports for the week ending Dec 30th in Japan the Hardware sales were as follows:

Wii: 352,766 (+41%)
DS: 259,892 (-16%)
PSP 200,838 (+18%)
PS3: 57,906 (+4%)
PS2: 20,946 (-7%)
360: 7,022 (-15%)

Interesting Side note:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 360 sold: 23,694
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3 sold: 20,802 (Industry, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

Cyrus365  +   2641d ago
What I found interesting,

While all around the world all hardware makers for the most part are seeing declines, in Japan, Wii increased it sales by significant amount. PSP saw some modest gains.

Between 360 and PS3, 360 version of Call of Duty sold more in japan, with a fraction of userbase, and was the highest selling software in this week between 360 and Ps3, even outselling GT Prologue (Although GT Prologue sales don't include online downloads, only retail sales). Still who would though that? I realize GT prologue is a nice demo essentially, and when GT 5 comes out, it'll sell way better, but still, I'd venture to guess everyone figured COD 4 would sell better on PS3 than 360.
TANOD  +   2641d ago
well COD4 is a western oriented game
PS3 consumers in Japan are Japanese and x360 consumers are foreigners living there

Oblivion sold more on x360 than PS3

However Bladestorm,DW6,PES all sold over 250k on PS3 and just <25k on x360

so it is not a surprise since Oblivion also sold more on x360 and Assassin's Creed sold 50k at launch in JAPAN on x360
Cyrus365  +   2641d ago
True Tanod,

And I basically agree, but I figured GT Prologue in it's 3rd week just retail alone would do best selling (Next gen software between 360 and PS3).

I'm curious though will Assassin Creed come out on PS3 over in japan, to my knowledge it hasn't yet? And if so when?
killer_trap  +   2641d ago
Nintendo is having problems meeting demand for the Wii. so they have been juggling shipments from Japan to north america and the opposite. so when sales decrease for the Wii in any territory it's just because of low shipment numbers.
Mr Marbles  +   2641d ago
What I find interesting
is why do we constantly see the Japanese chart on N4G? This is America right, so why dont we see the American chart as often as the Japanese chart? Who keeps approving this irrelivant news?
rofldings  +   2641d ago
Actually, this site's owner is European (Norway)
Lucreto  +   2641d ago
This is the internet so all nations of the world can use this site.
jack who  +   2641d ago
as a ms farm boy theres nothing Interesting bout that Side note
killer_trap  +   2641d ago
decent ps3 sales for some time now. the problem is ps3 sales look mediocre compared to wii,DS and PSP. i wish the system would pick more sales than that.
Cyrus365  +   2641d ago
I think you might see it pick up a bit with the release of DMC 4, which isn't available on Wii (However is with 360). Sony and PS3 need a few weeks, or every 2-3 weeks with a good must have japanese title for it to see some really nice sales over there.

Like if DMC 4, was followed 3 weeks later with MGs 4, followed by 3 weeks later with FF XIII amd then Gran Turismo 5, etc. You'd see some nice sales.

They have a DMC 4 Bundled unit which should sell some units, I think they should definitely make an MGS 4/PS3 pack in unit, and FF XII pack/in unit...
HarryEtTubMan  +   2641d ago
lol realize its still almost double the price of the Wii... I promise things will be very different in a couple of years.
Rikitatsu  +   2641d ago
I was Wondering what will Increase X360 sales After Lost Odyessy
Because its decreasing now ! its not good !!! anyone Know when Infinite Discovery will be released ? i hope it won't bomb in sales like Lost Odyessy
felman87  +   2641d ago
just about nothing
short of getting MH3, Kingdom Hearts and FF exclusive
360sucks  +   2641d ago
they know garbage
when they see it
Snukadaman  +   2641d ago
I dont think nothing can help 360 sales in japan...
I honestly think japan is giving up on next gen...just get the handhelds and the cheaper console is what is selling now...didnt both the ps3 and 360 get a price drop in japan not too long ago?
Rattles  +   2641d ago
bloody wii!!!!
"shakes fist"
Bill Gates  +   2641d ago
Can someone PLEASE tell me what the whole deal with the Wii is????

Seriously, I've played the darn thing, and was left like......O....K..What is all the hype over.

But it's great for Nintendo. I'm happy they're back in the game of things and have finally found their niche(seniors and 9 year olds). It's just too bad they forgot about me. Maybe they'll pull me back in with something in Oh eight.

xbox360* ROTFLMFAO
felman87  +   2641d ago
the wii is fun. I bought mine in hopes for a light saber game....ok, that's a lie. I buy all nintendo consoles because of smash and mario.
Polluted  +   2641d ago
Jesus god those are some good numbers for the wii. Must be a supply thing. So I'm assuming Christmas isn't a big deal in Japan...why the increases across the board this month?
Brian5247  +   2641d ago
Jesus Christ at PSP. Why is it selling so much?

Is it Star Ocean and the Huruhi games?
Darkiewonder  +   2641d ago
from the sales guess
star ocean looks to at least sold over 100k during the first week. i say that's good.
Shaka2K6  +   2641d ago
360: 7,022 (-15%)
= 7,022 replacements.
Xbox is the BEST  +   2641d ago
you guys live in Japan?
chrno6  +   2641d ago
I don't live in America either so why should american sale chart be posted?
TheExecutive  +   2641d ago
the only reason why you have a problem with this chart (and any other worldwide charts) is because the 360 gets outsold everywhere else but the US. Get over it dude, its really not that big of a deal.
season007  +   2641d ago
the wii is ok, but i don't see there is wii 2
nintendo can either go back on track as a real gamer's console or stay with wii for next 5-10 years promote it as some sort of board game, party game machine....

Wii 2 is un-necessary and does not make sense in the point that it doesn't require any bit of decent graphic, if all the updates of the successor of wii is about the power then the current audience won't even care single bit about it...

maybe some of us still think wii kick ass...yes i say it open a whole new market for themselves making good profit..but on the otherside, they have actually not participating in this-gen race with xbox360 or PS3 and i doubt the next console of nintendo can make any real impact to gamers after all the flaws and FAD of Wii..
darthv72  +   2641d ago
even more interesting note...
looking at the numbers over a given period of time (3 months) you see the ups and downs for the various ps systems and nintendo systems. The strange part is how steady the line is for the 360. It doesnt peak or dip really that much. Like the little engine that won't stall or run out of gas but the others go up and down like a roller coaster.

A "flatline" is still considered a line and it is pretty steady with monthly sales. In MS eyes it is a win for them because it still continues to sell at a steady (although crappy) rate. Both sony and nintendo wish they could have such a steady flow of sales (albeit on a much higher degree) from a week to week basis.

The 360 should have been pulled already but you have to give them credit for having persistence. I feel the effort they are exhausting on the japanese market could go into making better western games but go figure. It is their funeral.
felman87  +   2641d ago
hm which would I rather have?
a steady 7,000 sell rate or a sell rate that fluctuates between 60k and 30 k (for PS3) or 50k and 350k (for wii)? Yeah, I'd kill to be a 360 right now.

Ups and downs are natural because demand depends on software. When you have a straight line, it proves that either there's no software, or no demand. (never has there been a continual weekly stream of good software for an entire year.)
darthv72  +   2641d ago
look at it like...
the tortis and the hare. 360 is the tortis going about the steady flow of things while the wii and ps3 are the hare. Moving faster at time while slowing down to catch a breath and then picking bac up again.

Who won that race again?

j/k but a funny analogy.
IGNFTW  +   2641d ago
"360: 7,022 (-15%)"

MK_Red  +   2641d ago
Well, let's see. WiiFit selling 200k, becoming number one best seller in Japan, anything else? Oh yes, rest in peace Japan's real gaming. We'll miss you.
power of Green  +   2641d ago
At least in japan the PS3 sells mostly as a console vs the other markets where lagre percentages of consumers are buying PS3 as a DVD player.

Selling PS3 as a DVD player will not convince devs to focus on PS3 and this will hurt Sony in the end(not about what games are out at any given time, many PS3 owners just don't use the PS3 for games first they use it as a cheap all in one Multi media device this is why it wins in Europe according to polls I'v read).
Guwapo77  +   2641d ago
I wish you would go back to being a neutral commentator. I saw it in a post you did yesterday and it almost made me hit +1 for you. I know deep down your not that much of a Sony hater. Your influenced by peer pressure...you'll come around soon my friend.


*not talking about babies either.
Cyrus365  +   2641d ago
So then why does PS3 Games in Europe Sell as well as 360 games and in some cases better, with overall smaller install base?
TooL 316  +   2641d ago
it would be nice if the ps3 was selling as much as the psp. im guessing that the majority of people with 360's in japan are Americans, that would explane the call of duty selling more.
mistertwoturbo  +   2641d ago
It's obvious. People who bought a 360 who live in Japan likes western games. COD4 is a western FPS. So it's natural PS3 owners who happen to buy a PS3 for whatever weird japanese titles they buy, won't dig COD4.
wiizy  +   2641d ago
wii laughing straight to the bank...hahhahahahha
wiizy  +   2641d ago
i dont see why ps3 sells in japan or anywhere else for that matter. that system is garbage , a marketing stunt... xbox 360 should be outselling it everywhere. now the wii is the real beast. cause innovation counts.. unless you're a clown just happy with girls in games looking more real every year cause you cant see yourself getting a real girl... nintendo has the right idea and deserve to win.. and when wii2 comes out. its over..
wiizy  +   2641d ago
and to that clown.. being american doesnt mean that we have to blind ..especially in videogames which is universal or the internet for that matter... you probably saying that cause your system of choice is looking bad overseas.. so go ahead hater.. wii to the top
DrWan  +   2641d ago
This is a ONE week data on COD4
Install Base for PS3 is so much larger, the life time sale of COD4 will be more on the PS3 than X360 FOR SURE. No argument there. As soon as X360 maxes out, PS3 will keep a consistent lower lv and will surpass it for sure, common sense

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