The PlayStation brand needs to die

How can Sony make the name PlayStation synonymous with quality game experiences in the minds of the millions of players that only started taking the hobby seriously within the last generation or two? They can't. The PlayStation brand needs to die.

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Tolkoto1970d ago

I don't know, fortunes can always change. I mean, the PS2 was way more popular than the Xbox, and then the swapped places in the next cycle.

Although people who owned an Xbox weren't held to as much ridicule as PS3 fans are today.

chriski3331970d ago

Just another lonely fanboy trying to get hits. Playstation brand is just fine. I own both systems and I use the ps3 way more then xbox it all come down to switch one u prefer. Both systems have there ups and downs

Captain Qwark 91970d ago

my bad, i accidentally disagreed. well said sir. i have both as well but much prefer my xbox. simply put,

i prefer the controller, user interface, and extra features far more, plus the majority of my buddies have 360.

playstations blue ray and internet are nice but not overly useful to me, internet for porn and blue rays are to expensive to use regularly.

as far as the games go, most of my favs are multiplats anyway so i always get them on 360. then when ps3 gets an exclusive i want to play or a fighting game, i get it for ps3.

overall, i have and always will, game on both. when the next systems drop, ill get sony's and ms's again cuase thats how i roll.

sikbeta1970d ago

Article is really made to get attention, mision acomplished on that one, as for the title, another PS3-like console (pre-slim era) and he'd be probably right...

MrDead1970d ago

From release Nov 2005 - Feb 2011 360 WW 52.1m
From release Nov 2006 - Feb 2012 PS3 WW 61.7m

PS3 has sold better than the 360 since its release, Playstation brand is fine. These articles should not be approved.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31970d ago

Hmm, you've seemed to have forgotten to add another year to the Xbox numbers and the total along with it, lol. I must say, I would be intrigued to find out your reason, lol.

Dante1121970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

@ Wraith

He just needs to edit his year numbers (2005, 2006), but he's still right about the PS3 outselling the 360 if you compared both without the year lead.


darthv721970d ago

the name itself was a key to the success of the PS2 because it was synonymous with the popularity of the original "playstation". Now maybe this guy is thinking that a reinvention of the name is needed.

Meaning that to continue the trend of just adding a number denotes a lack of originality. We could look at sega and say that each platform they had was in and of itself its own name and identity. Similar to nintendo and how they changed from the first 3 platforms (nintendo, super nintendo and nintendo 64) to the gamecube and subsequently the wii.

Although, when a brand has name recognition you dont really want to just cut ties with it right away. Playstation as a brand is very popular in today's culture. If sony were to be creative with their next console you can bet it would be playstation....something but they should drop the number system for the new model.

MS has been using the windows brand since its creation but it was the consumer that would tend to drop that part of the name. Early versions were referred to as windows...(insert version). Then with windows 95 came the advent of simply calling it 95 and later 98 and ME, NT, 2000, XP, vista...etc. Yet they were all under the brand recognition of "Windows". Will MS all of a sudden change that and remove the key part of the name that people know most?

Playstation brand does not need to die. It can be perfectly fine as the umbrella to which other sony platforms can derive their association to each other. We as the consumer can choose to drop it from the naming when discussing it but the brand will live on.

ABizzel11970d ago

The PlayStation brand is arguably the best in gaming. I think they're having problems simply because the market has changed and Sony's still stuck with a 1990's or 2000's mentality.

Times have changed and they need to get on board. 60+ million PS3's sold and continuing to sell is a success. That may be a large drop from 150+ million PS2's and 100+ million PS1's but neither of those consoles had as many problems as the PS3 has had, both just and unjust.

An item sells if it's popular and affordable. Coming off the success of the PS2 the PS3 was considered to be the most anticipated console of all time. But then it launched with a $500 & $600 price tag and lacked a line-up of games and performance to backup that asking price. So off the bat Sony was in trouble, especially when you could pick up a 360 and a Wii at the time for about the same price.

Being cheap and offering a new experience (gimmick or not) the Wii was the go to console for the casual audience that the PS2 once had, and the 360 being cheaper and dropping Gears of War showed that the Xbox 360 was possibly better than the PS3 since it had "the game" to show it, and it too was cheaper. Also with the 360 getting exclusive content, games, and DLC buying a PS3 at the time seemed like a bad investment.

Fast forward 5+ years things are different, and the Wii has fizzled out, the 360 is still doing great in America, but the world has seen the true potential of the PS3 with a massive array of exclusives in multiple genres, and more features than any other console it's become the best selling console worldwide on a weekly basis.

The PlayStation brand isn't bad, nor does it needs to die. It just needs re-branding.

ABizzel11970d ago

Step 1. "Online" Sony needs to reconstruct their online network so that's it simple, intuitive, and screams connectivity. Establishing a network and community where gamers want to be is the most important thing Sony must accomplish next gen.

The PS Vita has fixed some of these things and is headed in the right path, but the PS4 or whatever it's called needs to expand above and beyond what the Vita does.

Step 2 "Innovate" Sony has stuck to what works and that's where the problem is. Yes they took a chance with a new processor, but gamers aren't concerned with what's running their console. Only what's playable on it, and what it looks like on screen.

This is where PS Home comes in. IMO Home has the most potential in the world, but the ball has been dropped from the Empire State Building. Home should have a sports arena where you can play simple sports games like in Wii Sports all for free. They should have a track where you can play simple karting games for free. They should have arcades where you can play classics for free. They should integrate some games into apps like EyePet so you can have a virtual pet in your apartment/studio/whatever.

Home has some of these things like the EEA sports complex, but it's just not to the level of what I'm talking about. Long loading needs to be cut down significantly, long downloads as well. Home should be the OS for the PS4 if they can make it run how I envision it.

Step 3 "Price" The PS3 didn't pick up in sales until it hit $400, so don't make a console that cost over $400 to manufacturer.

Step 4 "Games" Sony has the broadest array of games on consoles IMO, and that's their greatest strength. They have some of the best developers in the industry exclusive to them, so make sure everyone's on the same page and all produce the same quality that Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica are producing. Get the others caught up, although they're not far behind.

Step 5 "Market" Get the news out there, get the games and consoles in people's hands, show commercials, get your games at competitive tournaments, have tours around the country or in Sony stores, Get a spokesperson who represents the gaming community, do whatever it takes to get your product known.

Step 6 "Partners" Get Google on board since you guys seems to be in a serious relationship (Chrome web browser, Android apps, etc...), Make Crackle a dashboard app (free Sony movies is a +, and having it on the dashboard is a no duh), Get whoever else you can on board, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. When you feel that you've got your money's worth you're more satisfied with your purchase, and those kinds of customers will spread the word about your item.

If you re-brand the PlayStation make sure it's not just a simple name change, but a complete upgrade & update.

Spawn-KING1970d ago

I argree 100%
both has their own great exclusives.

ChrisW1970d ago

I don't know about needing to die... But there is a level of ambiguity concerning marketing. Sony should have stomped Xbox into a mudhole all the way to China only a couple years after launch.

They should have, but didn't.

_Aarix_1970d ago

I swear to god does litteratly EVERYONE here have beef with the 360. I own both but is it really so wrong to prefer the xbox experience over the ps3s or prefer gears and halo over uncharted and killzone. I LOVE rachet and clank and heavy rain and ive played all 3 uncharted, in fact my slim just got ylod and I still bought a uncharted 3 bundle instead of only having a 360. To me, the ps3 experince is basically loading, loading, syncing and "this action requires you leaving game". I love both I really do but why all the damn hate. Why?

badz1491970d ago

"the PS2 was way more popular than the Xbox, and then the swapped places in the next cycle."

PS2 - 150mil and counting
XBOX - 25mil and dead!


360 - ~65mil and counting
PS3 - 60mil and counting

I can't see how's THAT considered as "swapped places" at all! yes, the 360 is dominant in the USA just like how most XBOX were sold there too back then but worldwide, it's too close to call for any dominance that most publishers especially the big ones are opting for their games to be multiplat rather than exclusive unlike last gen where PS2 dominated in terms of 3rd party exclusives!

the abundance of exclusives on PS3 this gen is solely due to Sony producing many in-house games and MS too lazy to make any as they are more comfortable spending money on exclusive content/advertising/DLC for multiplats!

SilentNegotiator1970d ago

So the author's argument is that there aren't dedicated playstation fans because he had a conversation with some people?

"If my coworkers are any indication"

Bitmod is releasing some very pathetic anti-playstation articles lately.

THILLREBORN1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

MrDread was pointing out that at the same time in their life cycle the PS3 had actually sold better. He doesn't need to update years just elaborate his logic a little better.

As of right now the PS3 is selling the best week over week. I know that last comment is going to bring disagrees but the truth is the truth...can't ignore fact oh and by the way I'm not talking NPD I'm talking globally.

Oh and don't give shit sites like Bitmob hits for trash articles...the only reason they posted this is because it's slow on real news and they don't want to do real journalistic work and create real content for real gamers not fan boys.

joab7771970d ago

You are right. It sounds like a case of a bunch od cod players on xbox. That won't last forever. Though, i guess if cod caused millions to become xbox fans, it was worth it for microsoft to put a premium on online and the call of duty brand.

Anyway, next gen I'll be judged by what it is...and isn't.

Wigriff1970d ago

I think the sensationalist title is necessary to pull people into an article that may otherwise be overlooked. This is a valid viewpoint, and something that needs to be discussed and considered. I seriously doubt the impetus for this article was to generate hits.

R1CAN6171970d ago

Its always about hits when some one disagree's.

nix1970d ago

if he brushes his teeth and prays to tooth fairy every night.. he might get his wish.

vega2751969d ago

does it really matter what anyone on this site really think of the 360. i mean as long as you enjoy it then it really doesn't matter if all the sonyfanboys on this site disagree with you.

i own both systems and a gaming pc. and besides my gaming pc (which i play more than anything) my 360 comes in a close second for my playing time. where as i don't even touch or buy any games for my ps3, which i haven't played since my friend let me hold uncharted 3 (which i've never been a fan of) and gave back after two days.

i have played most of what sony has to offer for the ps3 and I'm not impressed at all. but that's just me and my opinion. many of my friends don't touch their ps3 either but i'm sure they have their own reasons why not.

jeseth1969d ago

Didn't even give the site the hit.

What an ignorant attempt at flaming. This article is 4 years late and seems like it should have come during the start of this gen at the start of the Sony/MS "console war".

What a troll.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I get the impression that the majority of americans
are pro 360 but over here in europe its a different story.
I for one am all about nintendo and the sony playstation.
I like my xbox but theres not enough variety in genres like
the PS3 in my opinion.
I wish some americans would get it out of their heads
that america does not = the world.
Just because japan doesn't like the 360 it hasnt stopped it
from being succesfull.
Same goes for playstation in america.
Btw i am aware that some of you love your playstations

TBM1970d ago

I own both but my ps3 gets used way more. right now my 360 has been a paperweight since gears 3.

playstation has always been of variety for me and that's why its played more.

MysticStrummer1970d ago

It is an american problem. If I go to a midnight launch in my town, I'm in the minority by far as a PS3 user, and the Gamestop here pushes 360 over PS3 in a blatant way. I've never been one to follow the crowd, so I buy quality hardware over popular hardware every time. Just like iPods and iPhones are inferior, yet popular in the US, so is the 360. I bought my PS3 in early 07 and have never regretted it. Meanwhile, every single person I know who bought a 360 because it launched first no longer has one. They traded up to PS3s and are all happy with that move. My money will go to the Playstation brand until they lose my interest, just like Nintendo before them and Atari before them. Based on PS1, PS2, and PS3, PS4 is where I will be.

vickers5001970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Everyone I know except for like 3 or 4 people (who I actually successfully converted to playstation 3) plays Xbox 360. It's so frustrating hearing these idiots say things like "the ps3 doesn't have any games", and when I proceed to prove them wrong by listing them off and their reviews and awards (I know those aren't definitive proof by themselves, but they are proof that a console "has good games" if there are a ton of them), they just say they've "never heard of it" and shrug it off as if it's a crappy game JUST BECAUSE THEY'VE NEVER HEARD OF IT.

I guess by their [email protected] perception, if something isn't popular as hell or if they haven't heard of their dudebro friends playing it, then it must suck. I hate these drone/sheep who judge something based on how popular it is. I even had a guy adamantly defend the 360 while trashing the ps3, who knew almost nothing about the 360, he thought the 360 used hd dvds.

I think the only way to counter these kinds of idiots, is for Sony to waste billions of money on marketing (that could go towards making a new game or two) so these name recognition whores will finally buy a ps3.

DigitalRaptor1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

@ vickers500

Those types of people make me sick, and are probably the main reason why the PS3 has been so abused this generation. Similarly in other entertainment industries, these people are the reason why so much great content from amazingly talented people is being ignored in favour mass produced "popular" trite.

It's the culmination of media propaganda, misinformation and the spreading of childish, ignorant BS over years, that these people have been led to believe. The youth of today are so much more ignorant than before because they have been force fed entertainment, latched on to their friends' interests and don't really make the effort to go and find things that they personally admire - rather, they just take in what the corporations feed them, rather than be forming healthy, individual tastes and expanding their mind to welcome great creative output.

That is a huge problem, and you're right, the only way for this to change, is for Sony to waste their money trying to amend this appalling situation. Sadly, sheep will be sheep.

Oner1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I'm American and partially agree with your point Harry (to an extent)...but I don't believe it's "just" Americans per se. I think it's more along the lines of the the American media bias that tries to portray us and the situation in that light because I have LOTS of friends and family (Americans) who contradict that "mind set" and actually prefer the PS brand over the others any day of the week!

memots1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Most store you go to in America have giant display of Kinect and TV showing MS stuff. That is marketing people. There is no giant cardboard character cut out of Resistance when it came out but they still had the giant master chief there.
Sony has failed to get to that level in america.

Ill be giving you a real life example here , My friend mom wanted a Kinect to get that Dance game but they have a PS3 at home. She was ready to dish out all that money just to play a Dance game. I hooked up a Move to their PS3( she never heard of "move" before ) and we rented Just Dance and guess what? she freaking loved it. < --- This my friend is why Sony is failing in North America.

Now don't get me wrong i would rather them spend money on making good game and hardware but the problem here is that they could be making way more money just by advertising correctly.

And the DudeBro syndrome is all too real. Talk to any of those cod360 sheep about Killzone and they never heard of it and would "not know how to play it" even if you tell them it is the exact same controls scheme. Some of them don't even believe that you get free online on ps3 to play teh COD

slaton241969d ago

Well said...I myself am an american but i prefer my ps3 and wii...i have a 360 but not really played it to much because of payin online...thats really it.I never pc gamed because im not into any pc exclusives seein how the really good ones are a pay to play services

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Chitown712911970d ago

The only thing Sony doesn't know how to do is keep the momentum rolling......Im a PS3 fanboy , i'll admit it. But Sony has kept promising us things, and have failed to deliver on those promises. E3 2005 , the list of features that thing had was crazy. But they ended up cutting some of those features out....that was the start of their misery, and then the price.....and then they failed to deliver on Home. Now am I saying that all of this was a failure? No. Im saying they failed to deliver on their promises. But at the end of the day, I bought the PS3 to play some of the most cutting edge, media pushing games out. And they most definitely succeeded on that. MGS4 , Uncharted series, LittleBigPlanet, InFamous, Gran Turismo....I could go all day lol. But I see the tide turning in Sony's approach to things....When they released the Vita....they didn't promise you anything... They showed the console...showed what it could do, and let it speak for itself. I think that should be their approach from now. I love Sony and want to see the best for them in the future #SonyForLife.

GrandTheftZamboni1970d ago

But Sony also delivered more than promised: Killzone 2 looked better than 2005 trailer, which everyone thought was impossible to have on a console.

andibandit1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I dont see the tide turning in Sony's favor in regards to the vita.

No Commercials
No "try it out stands" in the gameshops
No flagship game
High price

You do get alot of great tech for the price, but that dosn't matter for me, if someone wanted to sell me 100000$ worth of gold bars, for 50000$, thats great, but i still cant afford it. Now that example is greatly simplified but it's a strong analogy.

On top of it all, they managed to make the Vita look so similar to the PSP, i bet most people walking into a gameshop wont know that it's a totally different beast.

Turning tide you say....what tide, it's just the same stagnant water we've been seeing for a while now.