Why Warren Spector made Epic Mickey 2 a musical

Epic Mickey 2 producer Warren Spector explains why his newest game will be a musical.

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crazytown991972d ago

I hope Steve Blum voices Oswald.

Tolkoto1971d ago

It's actually Frank Welker, the voice of the original Megatron among others.

THR1LLHOUSE1971d ago

Frank Welker has done pretty much every animal noise in anything ever.

AND Megatron AND Soundwave AND Shockwave AND...another big one I'm blanking on that might not be Transformers related.

Either way, he's the coolest.

CaptainMarvelQ81971d ago

So will this be a full musical game or will it be like the first but with music intervals here and there?

badz1491971d ago

musical? what's a musical game?