The Adventure Time video game is in good hands

From what little we know of the Adventure Time video game, we can safely say it won't be the typical cartoon, licensed crap.

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crazytown992249d ago

I'm pretty sure it's Adventure Time.

I can't wait to give them my money.

Moncole2249d ago

11:04 PM. Nah its Adventure Time, its always Adventure Time.

RockYou2249d ago

I've been waiting for an Adventure Time video game for years now!

Bagogames2249d ago

OMG YES!!!! Can't wait, at all! GIVE IT TO ME!!!

Derpy2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

If done right it aught to make a pretty good game. I've always been under the impression that Adventure Time took a lot of inspiration from old CRPGs, you know the ones where you would go adventuring in a fantasy dungeon accompanied by a magical pet companion.

I recently purchased Shantae for the iPhone and it is a lot of fun, so I can say that they certainly do make good platformers, but given the choice, I'd rather see Adventure Time as an action RPG, as it seems like it would be very well suited for that.