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Worldwide Chart for Week Ending 29th December 2007 (Updated with Japanese Numbers)

VG Chartz reports, the updated Worldwide Sales for the week ending Dec. 29th, as follows:


DS: 1, 163,851
WII: 962,683
PSP: 535,769
PS3: 448,491
PS2: 396,665
360: 337,322 (Industry, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Brian5247  +   2793d ago
PS3 Picking Up Steam
Is the 360 slipping?
TANOD  +   2793d ago
wow had to be BTW PS3 outsells x360 in XMAS sales (worldwide)
expect PS3 to catch x360 this year

XMAS sales for 2007 (november --december) on a worldwide basis looks like this:-

PS3: 3,297,646

360: 3,078,406

RESULT :_ PS3 wins by 218 000 units. CONGRATS PS3 for the victory


NOTE :- even with the inflated x360 NA and FRANCE numbers PS3 beats it by 200+k


with MGS4 ,GT5 and FF13 that is waranteed

However i expect lot of PS2 owners to convert to PS3 when GTA4 is launched in NA

JUST to let others know that PS3 outsold x360 by as much 110 000 units in worlwdide sales last week


@goodfella and Rikiatsu --why arent u approving the thread?
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CeruleanSky  +   2793d ago
PS2: 396,665
360: 337,322

There are more gamers buying PS2s for 130 dollars right now than 360s worldwide. Those almost 400k people could have moved to a next gen system for a low as 270 bucks and instead bought a system for these franchises/developers:

Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy
Gran Turismo
Ratchet and Clank
Jak and Daxster
Team ICO
Sly Cooper

Those games could have spent just 150 bucks more for a 360 and passed on the system. It should be obvious which system they will buy when they finally get themselves 1080p HDTVs and PS3 price cuts at 300,200, etc in the coming years.

The 360 sales in all three regions look almost exactly like last gen with the Xbox. It is hard to imagine the 360 selling better than the first Xbox almost entirely on US sales. The 360 is benefiting from the insanely high defect rate and 360 owners rebuying new models in the US hoping for a system that will stop dying but that is probably a wash with former Xbox owners passing on the 360 this gen because of hardware defects.

After Bungie,Bioware, and Bizarre left Microsoft as exclusive 360 developers for multiplatform development it pretty much just leaves Microsoft with Rare and Lionhead. Microsoft sure as hell isn't going to be attracting any of those existing 125 million PS2 owners with that anemic first party lineup over the next five years.
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The Killer  +   2793d ago
somehow i feel the ps2 time will repeat it self
y? i already explained it in my first post!
360 will be last and wii will be a strong second,
i believe wii sales will continue to be strong for another 2 years!
for 360 its only going to get worst in market share!
i will be very surprised if 360 passed 30 million console!! and i believe wii will reach up to 80 million and ps3 120+ million in its life cycle!
thats my prediction like it or not!

EDIT: 360 is being outsold by an 8 years old technology console(ps2), although 360 is entering its 3rd year, i wonder what does that indicates? is it positive signs for Devs??
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Rikitatsu  +   2793d ago
PS3 is outselling 360 2:1

i expect the trend to Continue and increase in 2008
Cyrus365  +   2793d ago
Curious how did you arrive to the 2 to 1 Ratio PS3 is outselling 360, when it outsold by a reported 100K or so this past week.
Polluted  +   2793d ago
I'm a bit of a Sony fanboy myself, but I don't see where you're getting this 2:1 ratio from. They sold 1.3 times as many PS3's. That's far from 2:1.
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Real gamer 4 life  +   2793d ago
oh boy the ps3 is almost outselling the 360 2 to 1 is realling looking good for sony system, eversince the price drop the ps3 has been selling very very good.
Fisher339  +   2793d ago
Its a Snowball effect
ps3 and blu-ray go hand in hand, as blu-ray gets more popular more people want the ps3.
As the big ps3 games start rolling out more people know about blu-ray.
Says you  +   2793d ago
You know whats weird if the
system that doesn't work sold 17 million how come the PS3 has suddenly been beating it every week and if it did; could it have to do with that its the same people that had there system breakdown on them like the 11th time like that one article.
TANOD  +   2793d ago
It didnt sell 17m
MS sold 16m x360s to customers

BUT in essence they shipped 17.7m to RETAILERS

However X360's actual sales might be a bit lower.

Vgchartz hasnt adjusted their NA data for October and November (inflated x360 sales by 180 000 and 60 000 units for October and November respectively)

Vg also hasnt updated their x360 french sales data

x360 should be around 500 0000 and PS3 around 450 000 (jeux france and TF1 reported that SONY sold 400k PS3s back in October in France)
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power of Green  +   2793d ago
I was wondering the same thing. Also VG-charts has been off by 20-30 thousand just in a single market alone! in the past. That was the greatest number(s) they've been off I'v seen(UNDER COUNTED THE 360 AND OVER COUNTED THE PS3).

It will never end when the news is going MSFT's way VGC is wrong, its truth when it shows the PS3 doing good.
Cyrus365  +   2793d ago
Personally, I think the numbers are good guess-estimate, better than nothing. I'm sure there off by 10'000's +/- on all numbers, but it's still better than nothing.

VGChartz all year showed 360 out selling PS3 pretty much in all markets, and now the reserve is happening...
HarryEtTubMan  +   2793d ago
Either way the PS3 is still 400$... this is only the beginning... no games have dropped....its the price that the 360 debuted at... and its still winning. This is going to get worse and worse as games drops and PS3 price will drop again in 2008. Sony knows what they are doing and they aren't on Microsoft's schedule. They look at how long they are seeling the PS3, how many the want to sell, the price and how its selling and they are making it happen. Good for the PS3. This is only the vey beggining. This is why I beilve the "Ultimate" is fake. They will get destroyed.

LMAO Japan Hardware isnt even included yet... PS3 is gonna win by even more than this!

PS3 outsold the 360 by 110,000 with out japans numbers added. If this keeps up the PS3 will already be outselling the 360 by over half a million a month hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaaha hahahahahahahahah OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SUCK IT LOSING 3RD PLACE XBOTS(sorry Japans numbers are added....but the Xbots still got Sony's nuts on their forehead!!! You guys are gonna get T-Bagged for 9 more years and I can't wait!)LOLOLOL bill Gates said Baboons!!! hahahahah Baboons!
O NO here they come!!!!!(pic I found on the web of the Xbots)

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TheHater  +   2793d ago
lol...dude that picture is funny as hell. you made that?
f7ss1  +   2793d ago
that pic is so awesome, but you forgot Zhuk! and the artical has the ps3 outselling 360 by 110k with japanese number included by the way.
Bill Gates  +   2793d ago
Yo HarryEtTubMan !!!!

I set that picture up as my desktop background just so I get a huge laugh just before I come on this site to read these BABOON's comments..AHAHHAA

Thanks bro.
felman87  +   2793d ago
funniest post all year
Shaka2K6  +   2793d ago
You friend deserve some bubbbles.

' ' the crapbox 3fixme ubber fanboy force ' ' !!!!!!!!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!
The Killer  +   2793d ago
i always knew this will happen
but i didnt know it will start in 2007!
and by the way u heard it first from MR-Arabic first, i believe ps3 will sell more than ps2 or around it!
y do i think it? because look at ps2, it came out first it was under power compare to xbox and gamecube it didnt have online support and it wasnt the best DVD player, it didnt support DivX etc

ps3 is really integrating everything possible with ps3, i means it almost like a powerful PC and better! it has huge potential thanks to the cell and cooperation between the cell and RSX which gives more room to graphics advancement! free online and the best blue player! think of it when ps3 becomes 200-300 price range with all the huge hit games released and with blue ray is the winner. there will be more reason to buy a ps3 than the ps2 had!
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Anything but Cute  +   2793d ago
I saw this earlier today also, but without Japanese
Anyway, I try not to put too much into VG chartz.

According to Microsoft they've sold 17.7 million since launch. I don't trust that crap either.
hotshot127  +   2793d ago
are you lightning?
just wondering?
vilmer  +   2793d ago
17.7 shipped to retailers.
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DeckUKold  +   2793d ago
no remember
lightning became an xbox fanboy
Real gamer 4 life  +   2793d ago
I think sony might reach their goal of selling 13 mil ps3 by march. What do you guys think? will they make it?
pwnsause  +   2793d ago
I thought their sales goal was 11m, which I believe they will make by march.
CeruleanSky  +   2793d ago
I am pretty sure the Sony target was 11 million by April 1s - the end of the current quarter.

The PS3 is about 9 million worldwide right now. January, February, March is three months or 12 weeks. So the PS3 would need to sell about 160k a week worldwide to hit that number.

Sony should hit the 11 million worldwide by April 1st fairly comfortably looking back over the weekly sales numbers for last year.
TheHater  +   2793d ago
Sony goal is not to sell 13 million units by March. It is to ship 13 million units by March
TruthBTold  +   2793d ago
the way every weeks sales have been pickin up I wouldnt be surprised if it did. I think with one of their long awaited games being released around that time that would increase sales even more. It seems like they would need a system seller game to be release to pick up steam even more to reach the 13m goal. Lets just wait and see how the following weeks are to see if they in fact do come closer and closer to their goal.
pwnsause  +   2793d ago
oh btw, http://vgchartz.com/hwlaunc... this clearly shows that theres momentum going on with PS3 sales (according to VGchartz), if it continues, then it will come in 2nd place overall by the end of the year.
Meus Renaissance  +   2793d ago
Meanwhile, at Microsoft HQ
Rrreeeeeeeddd alert. Man your battle stations, rrrreeeeeeeeed alert. Power of Green, raise shields. Mart - I want those Vista phasers locked and loaded....

...what do you mean they've overheated?

For crying out loud, well I'm not telling Bill this.


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EZCheez  +   2793d ago
Oh my gosh!
That's too funny. You had me cracking up.
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TheHater  +   2793d ago
lol...that was too funny
Maddens Raiders  +   2793d ago
Ha! -
I'd get walloped for posting something like that (because I have), yet you get 11 agrees. -Good one.
EZCheez  +   2793d ago
Don't worry. I know exactly what your talking about.

If it makes you feel any better I enjoy every one of your posts. Hats off to some of the original gangstas! Hit me up for some UT3!
TruthBTold  +   2793d ago
Too funny
"Power of Green, I cant get the shields up, there seems to be some kind of failure. Damn, we will need to reboot the entire system up again. Hurry up, we have little time left before it is all over for us. Where are you Captain Kurt?"
whateva  +   2793d ago
what did I tell yall in the last thread about the PSP!
season007  +   2793d ago
what 110k a week (estimated) ?
4 times of 110k is 440k and it is pretty close to many xbots mention of 500k a month.....so is it not possible now?

i highly doubt all those xbots' previous comments now
hotshot127  +   2793d ago
how much is the ps3 at WORLDWIDE NOW?
is it alittle over 9million...................... .............................

meanwhile 360 fanboys......................N O NO NO! SONY IS GONNA FAIL, they HAVE to fail, they MUST fail.

there is no way they outsold the 360 this holiday season, NO WAY!

ahgwgagghgharrrhahargaghagagg a (screaming in agonizing pain)
but WE(the mart, zhuck, power of green, bladestar, jack who, bs3,mesh1,firstknight were for sure the ps3 would lose by more then 2 million this holiday) ahahahahhahahhahah how sad
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Cyrus365  +   2793d ago
According to VGCharts, just under 9 million 8.92 Million.
Ariexv  +   2793d ago
They can't lie about the 17m
It's illegal and punishable by jail time to lie about their sales in the U.S..... so really VGcharts is off by something like 1.5 million Xbox 360s and considering they probly had the exact right sales data on xbox's sold through most the year.... that means they screwed up the last month or 2 by over a million units which would put xbox 360 back into the lead by a considerable margin.
hotshot127  +   2793d ago
or they could have mest up on the ps3 sales too!
ever thought of that?
Primetimebt  +   2793d ago
Mircosoft is telling the truth but when they say sold they mean to retail stores like (Best Buy, Wal Mart, etc.)
TheHater  +   2793d ago
dude MS ship 17+ million xbox360 to retailers. Shipment doesn't not equal Sales number.
DeckUKold  +   2793d ago
the struggle
for second place is on lets see what happens.
Shaka2K6  +   2793d ago
PS3: 448,491 vs. 360: 337,322.
But..but.but.... xrod sells more in the USA !!!!!

get a big box of tissues xbots you are gonna need them all 2008 and b3yond.

That tripl3 FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
supermandead666  +   2793d ago
The 3FIXME BOX can't even beat the ps2, good lord.
darthv72  +   2793d ago
I know of some freinds who bought the wii and 360 back in october to give as xmas presents. By that I am simply pointing out that while the "majority" of xmas sales may be in december, not everyone who purchased a unit as a xmas present bought it in that month. I dont really care about sales figures so long as there are great games to play.

Just for kicks...Tanod/Shmee/Nasim...wh y not tally up the last three months of the year from Oct 1st to Dec 31st and see what the numbers show. You are so concerned about sales that I will trust you to do the work for me.
gamehendge  +   2793d ago
x-kiddies pwned again...
Shadow Flare  +   2793d ago
pretty lame
The busiest shopping week of the year and the Halobox cant even outsell a 7 year old last gen console. Geheez, thats weak.

But seriously, we've been seeing a trend for a few months now. Lagbox 360 slipping and ps3 closing the gap. Theres one single reason why no xbox will ever, EVER outsell a playstation system in its lifetime. And thats because the Xradiator 360 is aimed at a hardcore audience. Just like Halo box 1. And just like halo box 1, the Jet Engine 360 will soon reach its max audience.
Real gamer 4 life  +   2793d ago
LMAO!!! Holabox that a new one i havent heard yet. ive heard the 3fixmebox, pproddbox and the lagbox but never holabox.
Jrome  +   2793d ago
And the mart's pre-christmas statements are being slaughtered.
Polluted  +   2793d ago
Wow. That's almost 4 million pieces of gaming hardware moved in one week worldwide.
wangdiddy82  +   2793d ago
all sony needs to do
to triple there numbers is cut off the ps2.. The ps2 is the ps3's biggest competition.. Not the 360
jwatt  +   2793d ago
It might not seem like it now but the ps2 selling well is only good news for the ps3's future. It gives a chance for other consumers to try out Sony's old games on the ps2 and when they finally go out for a next-gen system, they're going to think about GoW, MGS, GT, Socom, GTA and other exclusives they've played on the ps2. Making thier decision more easy. They will get a ps3, that will eventually have a even lower price tag.
cmrbe  +   2793d ago
I didn't think about that before. Nice logic. I also believe Sony should keep supporting the PS2 as it is great for their customers and makes them alot of money so everyone wins.I believe the logic that those who are buying PS2 will naturally start buying PS3 if PS2 is not supported anymore is flawed as i believe most people that are buying PS2 buy them because it is cheap and has alot of games for it. Believe it or not Some countries(developing) are now only getting into PS2 as they couldn't afford one before now. Just because the PS2 is not revelent to developed countries dosen't necessarily mean it is not revelent to developing countries.
cmrbe  +   2793d ago
Honestly i am happy
If these numbers are accurate but man. Reading some of you peoples comments make me sad. Ok so yes the PS3 (if these numbers are correct) has managed to outsell the x360 despite having a higher price point with less games compared to the x360 but i just like to remind everyone that this console war is far from over. There is still at least 70% of last gen gamers yet to convert so it is far far from over. Also please no name calling. It will just show how immature you are.
chrno6  +   2793d ago
Even the ps2 is outselling the 360 lol, anyone find that interesting?
TheHater  +   2793d ago
I actually find that interesting. There isn't any good games coming out for the ps2. Or maybe because I own the next gen systems, I forgot all about my little baby know as the ps2.
CeruleanSky  +   2793d ago
The PS2 sections at most game or electronics stores is still larger than the PS3 and 360 sections combined with an insane number of amazing AAA games to be had for 20 bucks.

Someone who for some crazy reason didn't buy a PS2 last gen and still hasn't bought a 1080p set could walk into a store and pickup 5 years worth insane games to play until they make the jump to HD gaming with a 1080p set and a PS3 a year or two from now.

The PS2 library of games is the single largest and most diverse library of games ever assembled for a console.
Rattles  +   2793d ago
go ps2 lol
man i wonder wat the ps2 is going to reach thats just crazy
Rattles  +   2793d ago
come on you should of told the 360 fans that all year long.
cmrbe  +   2793d ago
I have been trying the whole year. But it is no excuse for PS fans to do the same. Well thats what i think anyways. Why can't some people be civil about this console war still baffles me.

Edit : haha yeah war is not civil but i do expect virtual ones to be. Anyways thanks for the kind words and bubble to you too.
#27.1 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gogators  +   2793d ago
War isn't civil,
but a bubble for your mature attitude.
#27.2 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Snukadaman  +   2793d ago
good numbers for the ps3....but still no one cares to comment on software sales..which are still abysmal....
ut3 at 51....Yea yea..worldwide sales for the ps3 beat xbox 360 by 110K...now is the big test for both consoles...can they sell after the holidays is the real test....ALL of europe can only beat the xbox 360 since North America is still 360 country...buy more games ps3 owners.

@ez yes sir it is...im sorry cmrbe but I would agree with you if the installed base is 1-2 million...as we speak its at almost 8 million consoles sold...at 4.5 million xbox 360's, gears of war sold a million in less than 3 weeks...19th in world sales is where you find the first ps3 game...that my friend is terrible...no matter how you spin it.
#28 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2793d ago
Software sales i think are pretty good for the PS3 considering
that it has half the installbase of the x360 worldwide plus the x360 already has Halo3,Bioshock and ME out but according to this chart the ratio is not 2:1 in favor of the x360 for software.

@EZChess: I believe the attach ratio for the PS3 will go up especially with the heavy hitters arriving this year. Last year saw the release of some of the biggest games for the x360 platform so naturally you would see a high attach rate. Seriously. Half of the x360 userbase already has Halo 3.
#28.1 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
EZCheez  +   2793d ago
Attach rates suck
I know what you're saying and I can't disagree with you, but from the standpoint of someone who actually does buy a lot of games it's almost unfathomable.

Maybe, MAYBE some people really do buy it as a standalone Blu-Ray player. Even if that is the case though, it's definitely not a negative. If someone buys it for that reason, they might not sell games but they sure as hell sell blu-ray movies. Sony has somehow managed to fight two fronts with one weapon, and it's hard not to give props to that.

By the way, is that your PS3 in your avatar?
shelbygt33  +   2792d ago
I bought a ps3 around Xmas time, and I currently own 1 game for it (ut3), and 5 blu-ray movies. Yes, movies are cheaper... but honestly, there are no games out there right now screaming for me to buy them. Between Call of Duty 4, Guitar Hero III for the 360 and Super Mario Galaxy... I honestly really just wanted it as a blu-ray player.
chrno6  +   2793d ago
It seems that ps3 is doing just fine, and the super killer apps like mgs4 and ff13 are not even out yet. Accurate or not I doubt the sale figures deviate much, and it doesn't change the fact that ps3 outsell the 360 worldwide.
TheHater  +   2793d ago
what I really find interesting is that software sales are really low for all systems.
Xbox 360 - 2,498,299
PS3 - 1,529,817
Wii - 3,830,989

What I find even more interesting is that the Xbox 360 only sold about a million more software than the ps3, consider that the 360 has double the ps3 sales so far.
SnakeCL  +   2793d ago
Thank you...
that's an excellent point. While the PS3 isn't selling software on the scale that the 360 is, the average PS3 owner appears to be buying more software than the average 360 owner.
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