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Hellsvacancy1649d ago

Standard Edition for me "wootey woot"

LOGICWINS1649d ago

I'd rather get the standard edition and buy a $20 PSN card to buy the extra 3 missions. I'd rather spend money on something that I can ACTUALLY play rather than a statue that I'll end up giving to my 10 year old nephew.

Nimblest-Assassin1649d ago

@ Logicwins

I like collecting video game stuff, its a personal hobby. I have an Altair and Ezio Statue from both of the games Ce's. Connor will be a nice addition to my collection.

But hey, you want to buy the standard edition and thats fine.

I just like cool stuff

Tdmd1649d ago

Me too, that statue looks nice!

omi25p1649d ago

Im not getting any edition because im completely uninterested by this game.

rataranian1649d ago

Ah the "Lame-O Edition". niiiice.

Nitrowolf21649d ago

Then why the hell did you even click on the story

omi25p1649d ago

Clicked on it to see the contents.

And yes the lameo-edition, I think the setting and story sound uninteresting

LOGICWINS1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

LOL, notice how you don't get all 3 extra single player missions no matter what edition you buy.

If you buy the Special Edition, you get "A Dangerous Secret"

If you buy the Join or Die Edition, you get "A Living War"...but not "A Dangerous Secret"

If you buy the Freedom Edition, you STILL don't get "A Dangerous Secret"...but you get "The Living War" and "Lost Mayan ruins".

Well played Ubi...well played indeed.

ironfist921649d ago

Wait for the complete edition in a few months after release.

SnotyTheRocket1649d ago

@ironfist92 What im doing with Revelations

Nimblest-Assassin1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Ubisoft region locks content in special editions, so different countries get different dlcs that will not be available for other countries until a later date, its been done for previous collectors edition dlc for Assassins Creed games, with europe usually getting more than in the NA.



US: Jack in the box + Harlequinn+Single player mission
Eu: Animus Edition + Harlequinn+Crusader+ Single player missions


US: singature edition with dlc
Eu: 3+ editions with various dlc

Most of the content is specialized for different parts of Europe. Which is why they have 3 editions

The Us one will most likely be the freedom edition

Xof1649d ago

Which also equates to three separate pieces of substantial Day 1 DLC for.

N311V1649d ago

In Australia we're getting Ghost of War and Lost Mayan Ruins. No mention of A Dangerous Secret.

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SnotyTheRocket1649d ago

Already got mah Steelbook, NORMAL EDITION FTW!

ThankYou_KindSir1649d ago

Same here! I'm looking really forward to playing this game!

Eduardo251903271649d ago SpamShow
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SoundGamer1649d ago

I find it a little odd that these have not [yet] been announced for, you know..... America.

Nimblest-Assassin1649d ago

Well Ubisoft is based in europe, so it makes a bit more sense.

But, yeah see what you did there

DarkBlood1649d ago

i thought it was in quebec? or at least i thought it was based on one of the prince of persia games development anyways

oh well this i didnt know

Frenza1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Not everything on the internet is about, you know... America.

Edit: A crap load of "Disagree" is incoming..

Ghost2501649d ago

well figuring that mostly europe got the better special editions for previous games, cause they were set in europe. being that this game is based in america im pretty sure its all about, you know... America

Baka-akaB1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

the franchise sold petty much the same in europe , the publisher is mostly european , the game's heme is just a theme , and they probably gotta figure some annoying Gamestop or Best buy exclusive deal as usual , so no ... you can just wait a little , for a change

N311V1649d ago

Got announced in Australia today.

Looks like this editions are exclusive to just about everywhere but America. Be strange if you guys didn't get the same editions or better considering the size of your market.

iamnsuperman1649d ago

All I would like is the game and the "special extra missions" and that is it.

Neo Nugget1649d ago

US had better get a good Collector's Edition like this for the last game in the trilogy :(

SandwichHammock1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

"...last game in the trilogy." LOL, that's a good one.

Assassin's Creed III:Bro Team!

followed by

Assassin's Creed III:Team Bro!


Assassin's Creed III: ! ! !

*grasps his copy of the original Assassin's Creed, in a fetal position, naked, under a cold shower*


LOGICWINS1649d ago

*grasps his copy of the original Assassin's Creed, in a fetal position, naked, under a cold shower*


mook10221649d ago

Being that this is set in the U.S.A. we better get the collectors edition here...fingers crossed!!!

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