Spector 'Desperately' Wants To Port Epic Mickey 1


Junction Point Studios boss Warren Spector still desires to port the original Epic Mickey to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. During an interview at the Game Developers Conference earlier this month, we asked Spector if he considered porting the original game to other platforms at any point during its development.

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BakedGoods2246d ago

Too bad the game flopped.

VanillaBear2246d ago

Supposed if he ported it and fixed the problems with it then it might be worth a purchase.

Ahasverus2246d ago

Ehmm.. no??? The game sold 3M+ copies.

maniacmayhem2246d ago

Over how long a period of time did it reach 3m+, not to mention what was the original cost of production?

NYC_Gamer2246d ago


Really doubt Epic Mickey was expensive to develop on the Wii.

sinncross2246d ago

Porting is not a bad idea.

a sequel on new consoles is not always a remedy for success. Getting the original out could help sales of Epic M 2 on the HD consoles.

Sevir2246d ago

Sony and Disney will have a deal where EM1 will come as a limited edition bonus with EM2:power of 2. And they add move support and 3D support. Kinda like how MOH came with the HD version of Frontlines exclusively on the PS3 on Disk and how Dead Space 2 came with Exstraction on PS3 and how Bioshock Infinite is coming with Move and the first Bioshock for free on PS3! We'll see this for sure!

kreate2245d ago

Confirming... Bioshock infinite comes with bioshock 1?

So the game comes with 2 platinum trophies?

Sevir2245d ago

Sony announced it after Ken Confirmed Move Support. It's gonna be sick!

kreate2242d ago

thank u sir for that piece of info

rageaholicgamer2246d ago

perhaps mr. or ms baked goods meant flopped in the sense of it was a disappointing game that miserably failed to live up to its promise? but, yeah, this game is not worth any port, spector should focus on making the next one actually good.

Raoh2246d ago

3 million is still 3 million. Do people actually think that a game not selling 3 million on day one is a flop?

That is part of what is wrong with the industry now.

Also, free with EM1 free with PS3 version of EM2, calling it now.

Hicken2245d ago

I guess Heavy Rain was a flop, too, huh?

Man, I tell you, people have the weirdest conditions for what qualifies as a flop or a success this gen. And it seems to vary title by title. For some games, no amount of sales is enough. For others, it has to sell so many in a given period of time. And for others, it's a success if it sold 50.

Sure, for smaller, indie titles, a million or two period is good numbers, so that's one thing. And sometimes devs or publishers have expectations that are or aren't met. But it's amazing that when a game is, say, on one system and not on another, comparable sales aren't enough to be a success.

I'd like a port, if EM2 is gonna be on PS3, cuz I'd like to play the first one, and I technically don't have a Wii.

BoNeSaW232245d ago

If EM:1 comes with EM:2, I'm in DAY 1!

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