New Patapon Screenshots

Sony offers up five new screenshots from PSP title Patapon. Already released in Japan, this unique handheld 2D rhythm-based platformer is set for a release next month in North America.

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Darkiewonder3818d ago

Like the art style for Patapon!

felman873818d ago

This game's going to be great. If not for GOW or Crisis Core, it could have the potential for PSP GOTY

TheIneffableBob3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

There was a live demo on GameSpot's On the Spot show today. The game looks really awesome.

Also, that site's thumbnail image viewer is very cool.

Honor_in_Armor3818d ago

When it comes out on February 28, I'm gonna get this game and pata...pata...pata pwn!!

xplosneer3818d ago

no, I KNOW there's going to be a guy sitting with his PSP forever having an addiction equal to his LocoRoco one. That guy is named "me".