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American Chart for Week Ending 29th December 2007

VGChartz Reports the Weekly sales for week ending Dec 29th, 2007 were as follows:

DS: 443,046 (-52%)
WII: 325,762 (-56%)
360: 188,145 (-50%)
PS2: 153,047 (-50%)
PSP 150,238 (-46%)
PS3 143,771 (-35%) (Industry, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

wil4hire  +   2795d ago
is this new?
rofldings  +   2795d ago
Wish they'd add the Japanese numbers already, on vgchartz for week of 29th ... for epic victory.
Cyrus365  +   2795d ago
Yeah it now has all the software sales, and such, and more accurate Ps2 sales appearently.

What was reported earlier was just hardware on the front page, this break downs everything.
INehalemEXI  +   2795d ago
Nintendo is still owning that pie
No More Heroes and Rygar and SSBB are worthy of that slice.

Disagree you may but .....Pie don't Lie =)
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Filanime03  +   2795d ago
Dang wat a drop off on all sales. PS3 and 360 are only 40k difference in console sales.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2795d ago
HAHAHA And this is the only place in the world they are even winning... which will chage... I hope they release a HDDVD thing so they have t compete at the same price. It will be suicide.

ahahah PS3 sales already at 9 million... PS3 is gonna win in the long run... it's never gonna stop fighting

sO WHAT ARE U TRYING TO SAY? THAT THE 360 DIDNT JUST BRAELY WIN BY 40,000? AND THAT THE PS3 WINS IN ALL OF EUROPE AND JAPAN? AND EVEN ASIA AND NEW ZEALAND AND TIES IN AUSTRALIA????? (Keep in mind its way more expensive) What the crap are u talking about. the PS3 is ourselling the 360 almost EVERYWHERE in the world... It outsold it in worldwide sales last week... this week it will again(look at post # 5 u dont cvnt) Yea I think before I type. I typee the truth.
IF MICROSFT ADDS HD DVD THEY WILL GET TRASHES(they are gona lose either way)

ha what I say is true. PS3 is already winning everywhere. If u dont like it I dont care. I'm stating the truth.
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bozobucketeer  +   2795d ago
Do you think before you talk or do you just let your fingers move and see what comes out?
strongbad1441  +   2795d ago
@ Tubman
You should really shut up.

I see you as the Playstation equivalent of TheMart, which bites as I am a devoted fan of all things Playstation.

I hope that was Tubman disagreeing with me, because I really can't find anything else that CAN be disagreed with.
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Antan  +   2795d ago
Interesting worldwide sales if you hit the link.

DS, 903,959 (-) 64,585,297
WII, 609,917 (-) 19,203,390
PS3, 390,585 (-) 8,861,659
PS2, 375,719 (-) 114,886,925
PSP, 334,931 (-) 29,597,566
360, 330,300 (-) 16,023,566
GBA, 47,236 (-) 79,546,413
GC, 2,415 (-) 21,512,362

Well done MS on reaching the 16m figure. PS3 doing good business
it seems (VG Charts being what they are of course!).
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Greek99  +   2795d ago
Ps3 beat xbox 360 by 60k on worldwide sales. Not bad. Good news for the PS3 i think...or bad. But the wii is still strong. I really dont care who wins the war. Its pointless to me. As long as I get to play the games i want, its all good. No need to be a fanboy.
Cyrus365  +   2795d ago
It shall be interesting how the #'s are after the holidays next week, Back in the 60-70K range, which would be about 200K+ month.
power of Green  +   2795d ago
The real numbers will be different.

Wii and even the 360 could be effected by whats in stock after the shopping frenzies.

LOL you dissagree?, sure the hottest selling consoles in America are no longer wanted vs a Jap console thats been this countries/market's least favorite.
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rofldings  +   2795d ago
"sure the hottest selling consoles in America are no longer wanted vs a Jap console thats been this countries/market's least favorite."

I don't know what you're smoking, but the "two hottest selling consoles," on that list are the DS and the Wii, both produced by Nintendo, a Japanese company.

Don't turn this into some sort of "America, fu*k yeah" sort of thing...
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bozobucketeer  +   2795d ago
When did a handheld become a console? You quoted the guy and didn't even pay attention to the quote.
rofldings  +   2795d ago
They're called Handheld CONSOLES?
bozobucketeer  +   2795d ago
True, but those are two different categories. You have consoles and then handheld consoles. If you want to put them into the same group then you can compare the specs of a console against a handheld. For example, ps3 graphics blow DS out of the water. However, since the handheld isn't completely the same as a regular console, it's not going to get that. Also, since when has this "console war" had anything to do with sales of handhelds vs systems? You're just reaching for something to try and discredit someone.
rofldings  +   2795d ago
That wasn't really the main point of my comment, it was that he said:

"sure the hottest selling consoles in America are no longer wanted vs a Jap console thats been this countries/market's least favorite."

"vs a Jap console"

When in fact the hottest selling console in America is itself a Japanese console.

(btw, it's not me who disagreed with you)
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power of Green  +   2795d ago
I get dissagree's but almost every store in the Seattle area have issued out IOU's and even have adjusted their costumer service with Wii's own service line with major stores such as Best Buy etc.

In no way was I tying to downplay PS3 success you girls. lol

You really think everybody got a Wii lol.
bozobucketeer  +   2795d ago
They disagree with you because your bio pic is an xbox power button, not a ps3 power button. It's life.
cmrbe  +   2795d ago
You are paying for past sins hehe. FYI, you are known around this site as a x360 fanboy of the worst kind so naturally you will get disagrees regardless of what you say.I know its childish but thats the way it is.
IntelligentAj  +   2795d ago
I'm sorry Power of Green but aren't MS headquartered in Seattle? As such don't you think alot of people in that area would lean towards MS products? Just giving you something to think about.
rawd  +   2795d ago
Good sales for all,

but seriously, who the hell is still buying all those PS2's ?!?!! seriously
Greek99  +   2795d ago
Its scary.
Are people barely upgrading from a PS1 or N64, to a PS2?
xsteinbachx  +   2795d ago
third world countries where they were just released.
DeckUKold  +   2795d ago
ok let me see whats going on here
Wii/Xbox/DS software sales looks really good, Xbox 360/Wii are closing in on GCN, PS2/GBA continue to exist, every big game on PS360 sold wow on the 360 but considering PS3 userbase I understand, 2007 was a great year of video games.
whateva  +   2795d ago
I think PSP numbers are higher then what VGC has up
because everywhere I look some kid has a new PSP slim n lite in they hands.

and how can PS3 # be higher world wide when PSP out sold it in japan and USA. this don't add up!
Spike47  +   2795d ago
OF GREEN THAT AVATAR and you're other comments have given u a bad rep so that's why they tend to disagree.

watch this:

360 is the suxxor.

disagrees incoming.

Anyway, good to see that the ps3 can manage to outsell the 360 even if it is outsold in america.

if the gap becomes shorter or if the ps3 ties monthly sales of the 360 in america they might have thos gen in the bag atleast beat the 360.

cmrbe  +   2795d ago
Thats because the
Wii is a casual gamers machine(Mainly). The wii userbase(most) don't care about AAA games or reviews etc.Look at Mario and Metroid. They just like their simple and fun games and since the wii has lots of them as well as being priced very low. It will continue to sell regardless. Wait until Wii fit lands in the NA.Its going to be insane believe me.
KingKirchner  +   2795d ago
How are the DS and Wii dominating so much?!?! I have both (DS is good, Wii is ok, but I gave into the hype last Christmas, otherwise I wouldn't have a Wii)

Honestly, both DS and Wii have respectable libraries, but nothing worthy of outselling the competition by this huge of a margin.

Anyway, good job at PS3 for being third (first other than Nintendo) in worldwide sales this week. Great way to start of 08.
360Crusader  +   2795d ago
The Xbox 360 software sales are very impressive. Most people seem to ignore software sales. And focus on hardware too much. Of course 360 is doing well in hardware too.
Remember people their both apart of the overall game market share.
jorellpogi  +   2795d ago
Arrgggghhh! Another unreliable numbers chart.
cmrbe  +   2795d ago
True that
Better to wait for NPD numbers.
whateva  +   2795d ago
Japan numbers are not out yet !
so when you add japan to the world wide numbers everything sold alot more then the 360 last week.

PSP sold about 200k last week in japan but the Numbers want be out until next week.
Lumbo  +   2795d ago
I wonder whats up with the Japanese numbers this week, but prolly delayed due to new year etc ...
Cyrus365  +   2795d ago
What I find Impressive:

Rockband (360) - 66,884 (623,821)... 600 K+ people buying roughly a 150 dollar game.

It really shows 360 owners are definitely hardcore owners.

Also smart move by both Sony and Msoft to pack in (Forza 2) and Motorstorm in bundle form.

Why? You got 2.3 + Mill Forza 2 Owners, and 1.2+ Mill Motorstorm owners in the US alone, which means when the eventual Sequel comes out, and it'll definitely come out, they've got a nice user base of people who "know" the name and played the game.
gogators  +   2795d ago
Totally agree,
a sequel for both will be nice to look forward to.
Xbox is the BEST  +   2795d ago
PS#3 game in the top 35 Motostorm and it's the bundle with the 80gig
Serioulsy all those PS#3 sold and can't even make a dent is software sales HA HA HA HA HA Developers are taking notice.
Blu Ray FTW
Cyrus365  +   2795d ago
IF anything there noticing, is to releaese the GAME FIRST or on time in europe.

Cause the sales they don't make US market, for the most part are selling better in Europe than the 360 counter-parts.

Hell even Sony Exclusive games are selling better europe, Look at uncharted...US sales vs. Europe Sales. IF i'm sony, and 3rd party makers, I make sure my game comes out ON time in Europe, or hell even FIRST there (For a change). (Edit I'm not from Europe)
Covenant  +   2795d ago
The drop-off in 360 and PS3 sales can in part be attributed to the fact that they were both pretty scarce the final week before Christmas. I mean, my Best Buy store even sold all of our Halo and Arcade editions.
actas123  +   2795d ago
The times of "brainless buying" is over with the holidays are done now. Now people will buy the machine that is worth every penny == PS3.
To the guy above, the four weeks after the new year are the slowest weeks of the year, thats due to the fact that people spent lots of money on gifts and that sort of stuff and they are not willing to spend any more money. ITS NOT due to items being "scarce". Lol u make me laugh.
DrakenSilverwing  +   2795d ago
Japan Sales
Well Japan's sales are finally posted, looks like everything dropped pretty bad.. 360 of course just a steady dead fish out there.. and that makes ps3 110K or so more sold then its rival.. it didn't even need the japans #'s this time tho.. 360 dropped like a rock in the states compared to before anyways..

now its a question of how much further all of the systems fall the next few weeks.. before taxes of course.
wiizy  +   2795d ago
wii domination going into year 08... sorry fanboys
wangdiddy82  +   2795d ago
i swear people in america who own a ps3
must not like buying and playing good games.. Uncharted, rock band, COD4, and UT3 should be in the top 10 or at least in the top 20...

Ps3 owners need to start buying games.. I guess it will come once they get a bigger install base over here... europe makes up for the bad ps3 software sales here in the US..
#24 (Edited 2795d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2795d ago
If you haven't notice
there are 3 times more x360 in NA so naturally there should be 3 times the number of software for x360 sold. It's common sense. This despite the fact Halo3,Mass Effect, Bioshock are out for x360.
wangdiddy82  +   2795d ago
all sony needs to do
is cut off the ps2.. than the ps3 will do a lot better in the hardware and software sales over here in the US.. I mean look at the ps2 numbers every month..

The ps2 is the ps3's biggest competition right now. Not the 360.. If the ps2 was gone you can most likely double the ps3 hardware and software sales..
cmrbe  +   2795d ago
It makes more sense for the not to cut support for PS2 for these reasons
1. PS2 is a cash cow for Sony right now and i have no doubt that they are using money they get from it to offset the loss they are taking for the PS3.
2. Continuing support for the PS2 puts Sony in a better light and make true their commitment that they support their systems for 10 years which is good for their corporate image and gives customers alot of confidence in their investment.
3. Cutting PS2 support will not translate to significant PS3 sales increase as most likely people that are buying PS2 right now are buying it because it is cheap and has a very large collection of games.In other words they won't necessary be buying a PS3 if there are no more PS2's.
DeckUKold  +   2795d ago
It's not that simple
sony don't really know how the ps3 is gonna do right now it's looking unpredictable that's the scary part about it
Cyrus365  +   2795d ago
Basically what Cmrbe said, Plus with PS2 sales going strong, it build brand loyalty, or atleast brand recongition. IF PS2 provides these new owners a positive experience, they'll hear about PS3, and say ohh I owned a PS2 and that experience was good, so I'll get PS3.
season007  +   2795d ago
wow outsold 360 by 110k worldwide (estimated)
it's just the beginning of the widen gap...

and i am guessing what will happen when those people who've been talking about 500k gap a month is not possible when they actually see a 500k gap =)

and yea yea yea.....i also wonder how long can MS keep it sales up with americans purchasing multiple and upgraded xbox in their living room and spare one putting in other rooms =) I am sure you can own up to 2-3 xbox if you are a xbox owner but not more than 3 right
sniddles  +   2795d ago
till MS drops the price
then i bet that gap will shorten again and eventually turn w/ 360 on top of PS3 again.

A lot of folks forget that MS can drop the price any time they want to. They're just waiting for the right time.

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